VIDEO: Tony Winner Cicely Tyson Featured on OPRAH'S MASTER CLASS Season Finale Tonight

The season finale of the Emmy nominated series "Oprah's Master Class" with multiple award-winning living legend Cicely Tyson airs tonight, August 3 at 10:00pm ET/PT on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. Check out a sneak peek below!

Multiple award-winning actress, Cicely Tyson, is a living legend whose remarkable dedication to her life's purpose with standout roles in hit movies and on Broadway is reflected in her illustrious career. From her childhood growing up in New York City to her early days as a model and her most recognized portrayal of Kunta Kinte's mother, Binta, in the epic historical miniseries "Roots," this iconic performer decided early on that her work would be more than a job: she'd use her opportunities to help make a difference. In this rare, unprecedented first-person account, Ms. Tyson, who shows no signs of slowing down, opens up about the valuable lessons she's learned from her experiences, including: know what came before you, always put joy into work, find your calling and follow your intuition.

EXCERPT: What Makes Cicely Tyson's Skin Tingle

CICELY: When I read a script, either my skin tingles or my stomach turns. It's that simple. If my skin tingles, I know it's something I must do. If my stomach turns, I know it is something I cannot do. I have learned from every single character that I've played. Something emotionally, spiritually and psychologically true. I've never done a job just for money. I could not do anything that would not enhance humanity, especially women.

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EXCERPT: Cicely Tyson on Preparing for "Roots"

CICELY: No matter where I go in the world they will say to me "Roots!" I don't know what I did; they will always say "Roots." I had been to Dahomey, Africa. I had an opportunity to get a feel of the country itself. Made lots of notes, take the dialogue. Just wanting to get to know who my forefathers were. Spent a lot of time with the women, not being aware that this was forthcoming. I met Alex Haley after he finished writing the book and we spent a lot of time together. Because, you know, all I have to do is find someone who has something to say that will enrich my life and they can't get rid of me. And so, I was given the role of Kunta Kinte's mom.

VIDEO: Tony Winner Cicely Tyson Featured on OPRAH'S MASTER CLASS Season Finale Tonight