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VIDEO: Arsenio Hall Talks Buying The Clippers, Donald Sterling & More on THE TALK

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Arsenio Hall stopped by CBS's THE TALK and responds to announcing his campaign to purchase the Los Angeles Clippers. Hall says, "I think that's what would make him [Donald Sterling] most angry, if I buy the team…If I, for some reason, can't raise the billion, all the money I raise is going to the NAACP which I think is the perfect connection to this madness."

Later Hall revealed that Donald Sterling once invited him to a Clippers game and reveals his first-hand account of spending time with the disgraced Clippers owner. Hall says, "He's the kind of guy I never wanted to be around a second time…He's brought people into the locker room to show female friends what the players looked like showered…He has said blacks and Mexicans smell…I'm not making this stuff up. He's a horrible man."

Also during the appearance, Hall explains how Magic Johnson feels about the Donald Sterling controversy. Hall says: "He [Magic] said he was disturbed being dragged into it…He also said he was hurt by what was said about African Americans…It sounds like he's bugged by the existence of Magic Johnson as the 'Prince of LA' for many years."

Check out clips from the appearance below!

VIDEO: Arsenio Hall Talks Buying The Clippers, Donald Sterling & More on THE TALK

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