TLC Announces 2012-2013 Programming Slate

TLC Announces 2012-2013 Programming Slate

With 29 series delivering over one million viewers, TLC continues to rank among the top 10 ad-supported cable networks among women in primetime - and the network shows no signs of slowing down. This Upfront season, TLC builds on its established momentum, announcing more than 55 new and returning series to air in 2012-2013.

"TLC's sweet spot lies in our ability to open doors into the lives of relatable, remarkable people and connect them with viewers across the country - many of whom have become television's most beloved personalities and families," said Amy Winter, general manager for TLC. "With over 55 new and returning series programmed within our most popular genres, this Upfront promises a robust slate of exciting original programming, as well as brand new adventures with our audience's favorite faces."

TLC continues to go behind-the-scenes into rarely seen worlds with BREAKING AMISH (wt), a 10-part series following the lives of Amish men and women as they experience life - for the first time - outside the Amish community; and PREACHER LADIES (wt), a candid look into Atlanta-area churches' first ladies in their work with their congregations and at home.

Friday remains "Bride-Day" - a top destination for wedding programming - as TLC presents three new series for viewers to fall in love with, including ULTIMATE DRESS QUEST (wt), where brides come far and wide to have their ultimate dress fantasy fulfilled; BRIDES OF NEW JERSEY (wt), centered around a New Jersey bridal shop that caters to loud and proud brides as they hunt down their perfect dress while dealing with their very opinionated friends, fiancés and family members, and MAIDS OF DISHONOR (wt), where your best friend may easily become your biggest nightmare. In addition, the network will add another celebrity wedding special to its slate, joining Mario Lopez and Courtney Mazza as they celebrate their marriage with their family and friends.

Family continues to grow at TLC with MAMA'S BOYS OF THE BRONX, a look inside the lives of five proud Italian-American men who unapologetically still live with their mothers and the BATES FAMILY SERIES (wt), eight 30-minute episodes following Gil and Kelly Bates, and their 19 children as they share what it takes to manage life with such a large family.

Additional highlights of TLC's 2012-13 upfront schedule include the following:

New Series


There is no typical way to be a wife. From arranged marriages, to women obsessed with being the perfect 1950's style of homemaker, to the trophy wives who are proud to be kept women, wives in America come in every shape, size, and ideology. This revealing anthology series will go deep inside the lives of the diverse, complicated, hilarious and often shocking REAL lives of wives across America. (Q3, 2012)


The Bates family just welcomed baby 19, which means Gil and Kelly Jo now have 10 girls and 9 boys. See how they manage life with such a large family that includes up to 20 loads of laundry, 7 gallons of milk and 9 loaves of bread every week. Their back to basics life in the hills of Tennessee is free of distractions like television and video games, but full of activities like chores, singing and spending time with each other. We'll follow the family as they share their love of music and family values, and see for ourselves how they pull it all off. (Q2, 2012)


BIG BROOKLYN STYLE is a half-hour workplace docu-soap following larger than life plus-size designer Lisa Dolan and her husband/partner Jim Dolan, as they set out to conquer the plus-size fashion world, one beautifully designed dress at a time. The series will follow the family run business on their mission to combine style with plus size clothing, to make women of any size feel confident and fashionable. Each week, we follow the comedy and drama as Lisa and Jim navigate the complex world of plus-size fashion on their mission to help transform their customers' lives. (Q2, 2012)


TLC introduces BIG TINY: LIFE WITH THE JORDANS, a new series about the extraordinary life of the world's smallest siblings. In September 2011, 22-year-old Bridgette Jordan was crowned the "World's Shortest Living Woman." Weighing only 18 pounds, she stands a diminutive, beyond-belief size of 28," about the size of a six month old baby, while her younger brother Brad, weighs only 35 pounds and stands just 38" tall - making them the world's shortest living brother and sister. (Q2, 2012)


BREAKING AMISH (wt) offers an unprecedented look into a rarely seen world, following five Amish men and women and one Mennonite woman as they make the most important decision of their lives - to join the church and fully embrace the Amish and Mennonite lifestyle, or leave for good and follow their dreams outside of their communities. The stakes are incredibly high as each of them face complete and total rejection, criticism and even exile from their family's homes and their community. However, all of them feel they will never be at peace in their community unless they know what lies beyond. They are inviting viewers to come along on their bold and courageous decision to put their lives on hold and leave religious dress, head coverings, horse & buggies and the simple life behind as they trade it in for a journey of firsts. The innocence and joy of watching these men and women experience things we take for granted for the first time will be unforgettable. (Q3, 2012)


CRAFT WARS, hosted by Tori Spelling, pits creative and genius crafters against one another in inspiring and tough challenges. Our crafters create cool, eye-popping pieces that will leave the viewer amazed and asking themselves, "how'd they do that!?" Each episode invites three craft experts to our arena to compete in two rounds of intense, timed competition. The first round, called the "Pop Craft," challenges our competitors to create a more traditional and functional craft - but with some rather unusual materials - that the crafters must create in only one hour. After the end of Round 1, our panel of judges, each an esteemed craft expert, will eliminate one crafter and the remaining two will face off in the final "Master Craft" round, a five-hour no holds barred contest to create the most imaginative large scale craft they can dream of. In the end, the craftiest crafter will walk away with $10,000. (Q3, 2012)


TLC is giving viewers an insider's look at the most extreme money saving people around. Prepare to be amazed at their inventive and outrageous ways to save a buck as we reveal the saving (and spending) habits of - America's most "Extreme Cheapskates." (Q3, 2012)



This one-hour special and eight-part series gives viewers a rare look behind the scenes of the world of competitive Irish dance. We follow the lives of American girls and boys, their families and their teachers as they all prepare for the biggest event of the year: The World Championship competition. In the weeks leading up to the "Worlds," they endure the physical and emotional stress of a rigorous practice schedule. In a world where every detail of the performance is planned as much as the steps, from the intricate costumes to hair design and makeup, these contestants have one goal in mind - returning home a world champion. It's a compelling story of heart, discipline and fierce competition. (Q1, 2013)


TLC has signed a development deal with the original Supernanny, Jo Frost, to put her back to work fixing troubled families. She's already tamed screaming toddlers, and now she's tackling some of America's toughest families and modern parenting challenges. From out-of-control teenagers, to interfering in-laws and battling school bullies - America's families need help - and fast. (Q1, 2013)


Forget about fresh baked bread, pasta and cannoli - Arthur Avenue is the place where growing up means never having to leave your mama. TLC shares a slice of the real Little Italy with MAMA'S BOYS OF THE BRONX, an eight-part series that follows five proud Italian-American men who grew up together and have plenty in common - they're attractive, employed, in their 30's...and unapologetically still live with their mothers. (Q2, 2012)


A home is a direct reflection of its owner...right? Well, when four very different homeowners take turns to host a tour of their homes, we'll find out just how accurate saying 'you are where you live' actually is. Going through the keyhole of homes as weird and wonderful as their occupants, the other contestants will get a chance to snoop around before giving their frank opinions and rating the home, each hoping that at the end it's their house which will come out on top to win the $10,000 prize. (Q3, 2012)


ON THE FLY follows the folks whose daily challenge is getting thousands of passengers to their destinations on time and in a happy mood. In each episode, we introduce the engaging airline employees of Southwest Airlines, who must think on their feet as they cope with the chaos of weather delays, irate passengers and more surprising and unusual situations that only occur while flying. Focusing on airports in Chicago, Baltimore, Denver, New Orleans, Fort Lauderdale and Tampa, we get an inside look at the dramatic, funny and uplifting moments flying the largest domestic airline in the U.S. (Q2, 2012)


PREACHER LADIES (wt) is a candid look into the lives of the dynamic southern belles who walk a path only a chosen few can follow. We'll watch each week as these ladies shatter stereotypes of what an old-fashioned preacher's wife is expected to be with the 21st Century reality of these high-powered women who hold court in Atlanta's world of mega-churches, multi-million dollar empires and high priced perfection. We'll see our "First Ladies" as they navigate between the family home and the high and mighty pulpit, from the front cover of the papers to television screens across the nation, and from intimate prayer meetings to stadiums filled to capacity. (Q4, 2012)


SAY YES TO DRESS breakout star, Randy Fenoli, is throwing the ultimate bridal truck show! On every episode of this splashy new series, Randy will roll into a different city in a tractor-trailer packed to the gills with wedding dresses. Eager brides line up around city blocks for their chance to get advice from the most trusted name in wedding dress retail. Inside the ballroom, Randy will have a team of consultants, working various fitting stations, to help each bride find the perfect dress. The hour-long television show will focus on Randy's work with three particularly interesting brides. Doing much more than helping women find the right dress, he'll design their entire look from "head to hem" (dress, hair, makeup, bouquet). (Q2, 2012)