Sneak Peek - Jermaine Jackson, George Takei, Rex Smith Featured on Next OPRAH: WHERE ARE THEY NOW?, 8/17

Sneak Peek - Jermaine Jackson, George Takei, Rex Smith Featured on Next OPRAH: WHERE ARE THEY NOW?, 8/17

In an all-new episode of the popular series "Oprah: Where Are They Now?," Oprah Winfrey interviews Jermaine Jackson about Life After Michael; plus, more updates with Ali Landry, "Star Trek's" George Takei and teen idol Rex Smith airing Sunday, August 17 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

In this revealing interview with Rock & Roll Hall of famer and the fourth child of the talented Jackson clan, Jermaine Jackson, speaks out and opens up to Oprah about his opinion on this year's controversial hologram of his brother Michael at the Billboard Music Awards and the album published with the King of Pop's unfinished studio recordings. Plus, he talks more about his family's humble beginnings in Gary, Indiana and how their work ethic propelled their legacy as the 'first family of soul' and quite possibly saved his brothers from the streets. Next, it was a Doritos Super Bowl commercial that first thrust the gorgeous Ali Landry into the spotlight.

In 2004, Ali and Mario Lopez appeared on the "Oprah" show together and made international headlines when Ali sought annulment. Ali opens up about why she went through with the wedding, and she introduces her family today: her film director husband and their three children. Then, as Hiraku Sulu on "Star Trek," George Takei became known to millions of viewers who might never have predicted that today he would be an outspoken gay activist for marriage equality. He takes time out from his role as Grand Marshall of Seattle's Pride Parade to introduce his husband and open up about his childhood, five years of which was spent in an internment camp. Next, updates from disgraced New York Times reporter Jayson Blair, whose self-admitted plagiarism and lies ignited the biggest Scandal in the publication's history, and the beauty pageant mom who faced intense criticism for her daughter's pageant passion. Finally, former teen idol Rex Smith reveals the day his life changed forever, when an audience member at his show turned out to be the son he never knew he had.

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EXCERPT: Jermaine Jackson on the New Michael Jackson Tracks: "What I'm Hearing Is Not Michael"
Oprah: Tell me did you see the Billboard Music Awards, did you see the hologram?
Jermaine: Yes. My 17 year old son called me he said, "Dad did you see what they did to uncle Michael?" I said it didn't even look like him. It didn't move like him, and it seemed like it was a body double. I wasn't happy once I saw it later. It's not good.
Oprah: I was wondering what it would be like for a family member to see literally reincarnated on stage. It's not like Michael Jackson singing one of his old songs, but Michael Jackson singing a new song.
Jermaine: The new songs we'll talk about that.
Oprah: Yeah let's talk about that...
Jermaine: Go ahead what's the question?
Oprah: The question is did you approve of that?
Jermaine: They never asked us our approval, and I'm being honest I'll just say this Michael has a way of doing things. What I'm hearing is not Michael at all. I'll just say this if Michael wanted this stuff out, he would've put it out. Bottom-line. And for them to take this, and I'm going to say them, because they know who they are, and to put all these hip-hop beats to it, and this and that. Michael would die over again if he heard what they were doing.