Nick Cannon Responds to 'White Face' Controversy to Promote New Album

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Nick Cannon Responds to 'White Face' Controversy to Promote New Album

Stunt to start up controversy, or well meaning political agenda? We'll let you be the judge about the pic of Nick Cannon in white face to promote his new album White People Party Music.

Per USA Today, Cannon sat down with George Stephanopoulos to discuss the situation surrounding his alter ego, "Connor Smallnut"

In the interview Cannon claims, "everybody's really sensitive when it comes to race and that's the reason I did it." He further states that, ""I knew it would spark some controversy, but I felt like it's a conversation that we needed because we all have differences we embrace. I talk about it in my standup all the time. It is not a new conversation, but a topic of sensationalism."

Sensational indeed as it brings up a current issue in pop culture; why is race a factor in selling the artist? When asked if famous rapper Eminem would get in trouble for naming an album Black People Rapper Music, Cannon responded, "I bet you if Eminem named his album Black People Rapper Music it'd still go platinum."

Whether the pic or Cannon's comments rub you the wrong way or allow you to see race differently it has people reminded that he is back to making music. This will be his first album release in over a decade, meaning he still knows what keeps the public interested; controversy.

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