Ice-T Featured in World's First Online Prison Talent Competition INMATES WITH TALENT

Ice-T Featured in World's First Online Prison Talent Competition INMATES WITH TALENT

Here's a chance to get in on the Ground Floor of a reality/comedy movie that is poised to break the mold. "Inmates with Talent," featuring Ice-T, focuses on a talent Contest in a prison with more than 2,000 inmates that not only showcases many of the inmates' hidden talents (comedians, singers and spoken word artists) but also unites the entire prison population. Think "The Voice" meets "Last Comic Standing" in the environment of "Orange is the New Black."

The production today announced its adventurous ONLINE PRISON TALENT CONTEST. That's right: "You be the Judge and Vote for your Favorite Inmate."

Starting today, and over the next week, the "Inmates With Talent" team will be posting performances on and @inmateswtalent, where the public is encouraged to "Like" its favorite inmate performance. The Contest will run for three weeks.

The inmate with the most "Likes" at the end of the three-week period will be the winner, and will receive:

  • *Contract from Doin' Time Entertainment (following their release from prison)
  • *Cash prize (to be announced later)
  • *A ride home from prison
  • *Dinner at Steak 'n Shake with the film's creators upon their release
  • "And more... including a 9-minute shopping spree at the 99 Cents Only Store (or a comparable store in the winner's neighborhood or vicinity)

The results of the Contest will be announced before the end of this year. So, go check out entertaining and wild performances on Facebook and Twitter.

* In order to receive the cash prize, the winner must stay out of trouble for at least one year following his release from prison. Trouble means no parole violations, no arrests and no convictions. The foundation of this contest, and Doin' Time Entertainment's efforts as a whole, are centered on successful reintegration of inmates back into society with the additional goal of making America a safer place to live. For more details and rules pertaining to the contest, contact Doin' Time Entertainment.