First Look - GLEE's Ashley Fink Stars in New Web Series Comedy ENGLISHMAN IN L.A.

First Look - GLEE's Ashley Fink Stars in New Web Series Comedy ENGLISHMAN IN L.A.

GLEE's Ashley Fink Finds New Comedy Home in the Web-Series Englishman in L.A.
Submitted by A new comedy web series entitled "Englishman in L.A." has hit YouTube. It stars Cameron Moir, Eddie Jemison, Tamela D'Amico and Ashley Fink.

The premise is simple but hilarious in execution and style. Best selling British author, Tom Dingle (Cameron Moir), comes to Los Angeles to promote his romance novel entitled "The Lonesome Dove," only to be followed by cameras documenting his every move. He increasingly gets swallowed up by "the biz" with each passing day and when his book is threatened to become a Hollywood cliche movie, Tom doesn't know which way to turn.

Being the fresh meat that he is, Tom gets thrust into the Hollywood system by his hyperactive agent named Cassidy Clark (Tamela D'Amico), a young woman whose personality and verbal timing can match Ari Gold's from Entourage. Cassidy insists that Tom must take on a life coach, a trainer, a therapist and more in order to be taken seriously as an author in America. His wild goose chase to monitor the train wreck that is "Hollyweird" is guided by his mentor William Willy (Eddie Jemison) who becomes immediately jealous over Tom's approaching American fame.

At Tom's first book signing, he is harassed by an obsessed fan (Ashley Fink) who has renamed herself "Molly" after Tom's main character in his novel. Fink, whom most would know from her stint on Fox's Glee, stars in the latest episode which takes her from being a simple excited literature fan to a fanatic filled with rage when she is not welcomed by Tom in the manner that she had hoped. Fink's particular episode (4th in the series) sets us up to view a continued roller coaster ride filled with a cornucopia of characters who will inevitably encroach upon Tom's dreams and alter his possible nightmares, as his book heads down a path that will Turn it into a commercialized Hollywood cliche movie.

Check it out the new series below!

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