Drew Lachey Stars in UP Original Movie GUESS WHO'S COMING TO CHRISTMAS Tonight

UP, "America's Christmas Channel," presents the UP Original Movie Guess Who's Coming To Christmas (#GuessWho), a funny, romantic holiday movie for the entire family, starring singer/actor/emcee Drew Lachey (98 Degrees, "Dancing with the Stars") and actress/musician MacKenzie Porter (Christmas Rescue, "Dinosapien"). Kristoffer Tabori (The Carpenter's Miracle, "Judging Amy") directs from a screenplay written by Tippi and Neal Dobrofsky (Window Wonderland, Goodnight for Justice). Guess Who's Coming To Christmas will premiere exclusively tonight, December 8 at 7 p.m. EST, with encores at 9 and 11 p.m. EST on UP.

The ensemble cast also includes Peter Lacroix ("Smallville," "Stargate SG-1"), Ellie Harvie (The Bouquet, Home Alone: The Holiday Heist), Evan Bird ("The Killing," "Falling Skies"), Matt Ward (TRON: Legacy, Christmas Comes Home to Canaan) and Olivia Chen ("Supernatural," "Entertainment Tonight Canada").

When his high-maintenance girlfriend Chelsea (Olivia Cheng) refuses to cook, jaded rock star Dax (Drew Lachey) is found by New York paparazzi passed out in his car with a frozen holiday turkey in the passenger seat. In order to repair his tarnished image, Dax publicly agrees to grant a fan's "Dear Santa" Christmas wish. To his dismay, his manager Jason (Matt Ward) drops Dax off in Cedar Grove, a small Midwest town, where he's committed to spend a week and perform in a local holiday Christmas concert. At first, Dax is horrified to be stuck in the Reverend Harding (Peter Lacroix) family's home under strict rules and a curfew. But he soon becomes charmed by the Reverend's wife Lynne (Ellie Harvie), teenage son Tim (Evan Bird) and very surprised Contest winner and daughter Kelly (MacKenzie Porter), a sassy, unemployed book jacket writer. Dax begins to appreciate what the Hardings have as a family love, caring and an uplifting holiday spirit. The movie features an original musical duet by Lachey and Porter, entitled "You."

"Guess Who's Coming To Christmas throws a badly behaved rock star, in need of some image rehabilitation, into a completely unfamiliar situation small town America," said Leslie Glenn Chesloff, executive Vice president of programming, UP. "Although Dax played with humor and heart by Drew Lachey chaffs at Being in a small town and under a reverend's roof, he quickly finds the holidays with this close family and their llamas inexplicably charming. As he rediscovers his musical voice, direction and joy, the question is what will Dax do when his holiday time-out ends?"

UP presents an Entertainment One Ltd. (eOne) production. Guess Who's Coming To Christmas stars Drew Lachey, MacKenzie Porter, Peter Lacroix, Ellie Harvie, Evan Bird, Matt Ward and Olivia Cheng. Directed by Kristoffer Tabori. Produced by Ira Pincus and Randolph Cheveldave. Casting by Candice Elzinga. Cinematography by David Pelletier and Adam Sliwinski. Editor is Garry M.B. Smith. Composer is Brent Belke. Script by Neil and Tippi Dobrovsky.

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