Discovery En Espanol Goes Behind-the-Scenes of World's Biggest Soccer Event Of The Year

Discovery En Espanol Goes Behind-the-Scenes of World's Biggest Soccer Event Of The Year

Just a few weeks before the start of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Discovery en Espanol goes beyond the playing field and takes a deeper look at Brazil's biggest engineering project in recent years in CONSTRUYENDO LOS ESTADIOS (Building the Stadiums). This new original production follows the upgrading and creation of three cutting-edge stadiums capable of hosting one of the most fascinating events in the world. CONSTRUYENDO LOS ESTADIOS will air Sundays at 7PM E/ 4PM P, starting May 18.

The three-part series CONSTRUYENDO LOS ESTADIOS gives a unique inside look into the complex refurbishment of Rio de Janeiro's iconic Maracana Stadium; the building of the modern and high-tech Corinthians Arena in Sao Paulo, a project so avant-garde that much of its advanced technology has not even been tested at the international level; and the highly expensive and ambitious Amazonia Arena, being built in the heart of the Brazilian rainforest.

With exclusive access to engineers, architects and government officials entrusted with the project, CONSTRUYENDO LOS ESTADIOS reveals the challenges of the task at hand as well as the progress made in Brazil's race against the clock to complete these colossal projects on time.

"We are proud to bring to our viewers a real time account of this huge undertaking by Brazil, that transformed stadiums that date back to the 1950s -as is the case with the iconic Maracana- or built complete infrastructures where there were none," said Michela Giorelli, Vice President of Production and Development for Discovery en Espanol. "Our team was there first and from the start which allowed us to follow these challenging projects as they unfolded, making it possible to put together a program that will captivate and inspire our audience."

Brazil is a country with a long tradition of innovation, and is also the birth place of one the most renowned architects in the world, Oscar Niemeyer. The South American country is also the one nation in the world that boasts five World Cup titles, and the only country whose team has played in every World Cup. Hosting the biggest football event in the world has a much deeper meaning here than anywhere else. So it begs the question, with only a few weeks left before the kickoff of the next World Cup, will Brazil be able to overcome the many setbacks brought about by tight work schedules, sky rocketing budgets, unpredictable weather and mass protests?