Conrad Bain, Star of DIFF'RENT STROKES Dies at 89 reports that Conrad Bain, best known for his role as Phillip Drummond on NBC's long-running sitcom DIFF'RENT STROKES, passed away on Monday in Livermore, CA at the age of 89. The news was confirmed to TMZ by Mr. Bain's daughter who shared, "He was an amazing person. He was a lot like Mr. Drummond, but much more interesting in real life."

Bains studied acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City and began his career on the Broadway stage. His theater credits include The Iceman Cometh and Uncle Vanya.

On TV, the actor first appeared on the ABC daytime drama Dark Shadows and played the arch rival of Bea Arthur on the CBS comedy Maude. However it was his role as Park Avenue millionaire Phillip Drummond which made him a familiar face to American TV audiences. The series starred Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges as two African American boys from Harlem who were adopted by Drummond after their mother, Drummond's former housekeeper, passes away.

The sitcom aired on NBC from November 3, 1978, to May 4, 1985. In 1996, Bain reprised the role on the finale of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Bain is survived by one daughter,three sons and a twin brother. His wife, Monica Sloan, died in 2009.

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