Cable Networks in the US Industry Market Research Report from IBISWorld Has Been Updated

August 28
11:07 2014
Cable Networks in the US Industry Market Research Report from IBISWorld Has Been Updated

The Cable Networks industry has faced competing trends in the past five years. New channel offerings have increased the number of consumers willing to pay for upgrades on their existing cable subscriptions. According to IBISWorld Industry Analyst Darryle Ulama, "specialized services enabled industry operators to charge premium prices to consumers and advertisers interested in targeting niche audiences." Rising revenue per consumer counteracted an overall drop in advertising spending that stemmed from low corporate profit in The Aftermath of the recession. Still, cable networks have faced heightened competition from other media as viewers increasingly opt for internet-based services, such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. Although the industry is expected to grow in the five years to 2014, revenue is anticipated to drop in 2014.

In response, the industry is expanding its offerings and focusing on customer service and outreach via social networking, website and application development, as well as traditional call centers. Although outsourcing has been a trademark trend in the industry, overall employment has increased during the period.

"Waning production and distribution costs due to new technologies have diminished operating costs," says Ulama. This trend, combined with pricing premiums, has expanded the industry's profitability in 2014. Lower barriers to entry and high margins have encouraged industry expansion; therefore, the number of establishments is expected to grow in the five years to 2014.

Rising disposable income will enable consumers to spend even more on industry services over the next five years. An expected increase in advertising expenditure in the five years to 2019 will also contribute to revenue, which is projected to grow over the same period. A slowly diminishing consumer base will hinder revenue growth because subscribers are increasingly choosing to spend time and money on streaming media services. In order to encourage continued spending on industry services, operators are expected to invest an increasing proportion of revenue in production, consumer testing and marketing. As a result, profitability is forecast to grow slowly over the next five years.


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