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BWW Recap: The Curse is Finally Broken on ABC's ONCE UPON A TIME!

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BWW Recap: The Curse is Finally Broken on ABC's ONCE UPON A TIME!As the episode begins, we find ourselves once again revisiting the events of the missing year in the Enchanted Forest. Regina, the Charmings, Robin Hood, Aurora, and Phillip debate the Witch's intentions toward terrorizing them, but fail to see what the Witch the could want from them. Belle arrives and informs the group of her and Neil's quest the revive Rumpelstiltskin; although they succeeded, the Witch forced Neil's mind to be trapped within Rumpelstiltskin's body, and now has Rumpel's dagger in her possession. Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip then reveal that the Witch came to them and threatened the safety of their unborn child unless they informed her of Snow and Charming's arrival to the kingdom, for she desires the Charmings' baby for an unknown reason. They apologize for betraying their friends just before the Wicked Witch abruptly appears, and promptly turns the prince and princess into flying monkeys despite their compliance to her desires. The Witch freezes Snow where she stands with magic, and with Snow paralyzed, touches her pregnant belly. The Witch seems elated, and announces that the baby will be very important one day, as she suspected.

After the Witch departs from the castle, everyone is in agreement that she must be stopped. Keeping in mind Rumpelstilskin's help in outsmarting Regina's former curse, they decide to break into Rumpel's Castle and consult the recently revived Dark One.

Back in Storybrooke, Regina and Robin Hood are seen kissing. Looks like Regina has finally given in to Robin's advances! In a sweet moment, Regina asks what he could possibly see in her, and Robin replies, "A second chance". Henry interrupts this exchange, and awkwardly apologies before exiting. Regina is slightly embarrassed, but it is clear that we are now getting a taste of her sensitive side!

Meanwhile, our heroes speculate that they must have figured something important out about the Witch during the missing year, causing her to curse the former residents of the Enchanted Forest back into Storybrooke before they could override her evil plans. Because Emma previously saved the town from succumbing to Regina's original curse through her belief in magic and displaying an act of love by kissing her son Henry on the forehead, everyone believes they could break the current curse through similar means. They scheme to make Henry believe in magic once again, and hopefully regain the memories of the missing year and remember what the Witch's weaknesses are.

Rumpelstiltskin and the Witch meet on the side of a highway in Storybrooke, and Rumpel opens the trunk of his car to reveal that Hook is tied up in the backseat. The Witch reminds him that he must kiss Emma, thus taking her magic due to his cursed lips. The Witch threatens that if he fails to kiss Emma before the Charmings' baby arrives, she will begin killing people.

In a flashback to the missing year in the Enchanted Forest, the Charmings, Regina, Robin Hood, and Belle break into Rumpel's castle, and find the Dark One locked in a cage and evidently going mad. Nevertheless, they inquire as to how to stop the Wicked Witch. After some prodding from Belle, Rumpel instructs them to seek out The Good Witch of the South, Galinda.

The Charmings, accompanied by Regina, search the woods for the Good Witch. They discover a portal shaped like a door of sorts, and Snow and Charming go through. Regina fails to go through the portal because one must be pure at heart to enter. On the other end of the portal is a beautiful winter wonderland, and luckily, the Good Witch. When Snow asks why the Galinda resides in the North, she admits that she was banished from the South. Galinda also reveals that she and Wicked Witch were once good friends, and she gave her a pendent in which all her magic resides. Apparently, the Witch can only be defeated by 'light magic', which is the magic of love. Since Emma is the product of true love, she would be the best candidate for defeating the Witch, but Snow and Charming have no way of reaching her. BWW Recap: The Curse is Finally Broken on ABC's ONCE UPON A TIME!

The Charmings return to Regina with this information and try to develop a plan. They decided they would need a to cast another dark curse similar to Regina's first curse in order to cross realms and contact Emma, but the curse calls for the sacrifice of the thing the caster loved most. Regina loves Henry more than anything, and even if she were up for sacrificing him, he is in another realm as well, so Regina cannot be the one to cast the curse. Boldly, Charming suggests that Snow kill him and crush his heart, thus fulfilling the curse's requirements.

Back in Storybrooke, the gang decides the best way to make Henry believe in fairytales once again would be the show him his former book of stories. They decide to search for the book in Emma and Henry's apartment. To excuse her absence, Emma tells Henry she needs to hunt down a new lead for work, but Henry doesn't believe her; he demands to know what she is truly up to, especially if it involves the murderer of his father. Emma scolds him, claiming she is his mother and knows what's best for him, and refuses to tell him of her plans. Henry asks for the keys to the apartment so he can retrieve his gameboy if he was going to be alone for the afternoon, and Emma complies.

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