BWW Recap: Journey 'Into a Dalek' with DOCTOR WHO

BWW Recap: Journey 'Into a Dalek' with DOCTOR WHO

BWW Recap: Journey 'Into a Dalek' with DOCTOR WHO

On tonight's episode of "Doctor Who" we journey "Into a Dale," with the Doctor and Clara, meet Danny Pink, and get confused by Missy, yet again! Be careful if you haven't watched tonight's episode, because below are some major SPOILERS.

The second episode of the 8th season opens with a downed ship in space calling out for the "Aristotle" to help. Before the ship is about to be destroyed, the pilot, Journey Blue, is saved by the doctor and transported into the TARDIS. The Doctor brings Journey back to the Aristotle, but the crew is about to kill him for coming aboard until Journey tells them he is a doctor. They then inform The Doctor that there is a patient that needs attending. While walking through the ship, The Doctor notices their nano-scaler, which militarizes living matter allowing doctors to go into the patients. They then bring the doctor to the patient, who is an injured Dalek!

We then cut to Coal Hill School, where Clara works. We are introduced to Danny Pink, a new teacher at the school and a former soldier. A glimpse into his past is given when a student asked him if he ever killed a civilian, and he sheds a tear and changes the subject. Clara and Danny are introduced and after quite an odd exchange Clara invites the socially awkward Danny to get a drink with her.

BWW Recap: Journey 'Into a Dalek' with DOCTOR WHOSo a happy Clara walks back into her room and is greeted by the sight of coffee, and The Doctor. Only, The Doctor is three weeks late on the coffee he was supposed to fetch her in Glasgow-a classic Doctor move. Clara notices that he seems off and asks him what's the matter. The Doctor, visibly shaken, asks Clara for the truth, but that he's terrified of her answer. He goes on to say, "Clara be my pal, tell me, am I a good man?" and a hesitant Clara answers, "I...don't know." Which, at this point, is something a lot of us fans are asking about our new Doctor.

We jump back to the previous scene where The Doctor first encounters the injured Dalek. When the Doctor asks the Dalek why it needs his help, it responds, " All Daleks must die. I will destroy the Daleks." Wait, what? A Dalek that's...good? If The Doctor was interested before, he definitely is now. The Doctor brings Clara aboard the Aristotle and they join the crew and prepare to go inside the Dalek. The two of them, along with Journey and two other crewmembers go into the nano-scaler and are shrunken down, Magic School Bus style. They end up in the "most dangerous place in the universe," inside of a Dalek.

The Doctor starts talking to the Dalek, who he names "Rusty." (Remind anyone of our old friend Handles, the Cyberman head?) Ross, one of the soldiers from the Aristotle, shoots his grappling hook into the Dalek, which triggers the Dalek's antibodies to come and destroy the foreign threat, which in this case is them. The antibodies then come and surround Ross, and The Doctor gives him something that he says will help him, but Ross is still killed by the antibodies. The Doctor then says that what he gave Ross will help them find where they send his remains so that they can go there to stop the antibodies from finding them. Whoa. This scene really shocked me because The Doctor was so casual about letting Ross die. Usually when someone is going to die and there is no way to stop him, The Doctor tries something anyway. This time he had no trouble letting Ross die if it helped the rest of them escape. Weird, right?

The episode continues with The Doctor realizing that it's a radiation leak that is causing Rusty's injury. Rusty tells him that when he watched the birth of a star he realized that live prevails and that there is beauty, which was what caused him to become "good." The Doctor then finds the leak and patches it up. A few moments go by with no response from Rusty, until he says that "the malfunction is corrected," and follows that with a few lines of "Exterminate!"

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