BWW Recap: Abbie and Ichabod Meet 'The Golem' on FOX's SLEEPY HOLLOW

Last time on FOX's SLEEPY HOLLOW, Abbie and Ichabod were stuck in a terrifying haunted house, which is not exactly where you want to spend Thanksgiving. It was a day of revelations: Ichabod found out Katrina had given birth to a boy and he had a son. While Abbie learned that she is related to Grace Dixon, who helped run Frederick's manor back when Ichabod and his wife visited.

On this week's SLEEPY HOLLOW, Abbie drives up to Ichabod's cabin and finds him outside, blowing off steam by chopping some wood. Abbie understands why he's so upset-he had a son that he never knew and will never get to meet. That's pretty heady stuff. Ichabod understandably wants some answers, which is why he has called Henry Parrish (John Noble) to his home.

Ichabod wants Henry to help him reach Katrina who is still trapped in Purgatory. Parrish agrees but warns Ichabod that mortal souls aren't supposed to visit the realm of the dead and that he will be in grave danger-so, nothing new. As apparently the easiest way for Ichabod to enter the other realm is for him to be as close to death as possible, Parrish reaches out and strangles him, cutting off his air supply and thus delivering him to Purgatory.

Katrina isn't too happy to see Ichabod in Purgatory since Moloch is always lurking around but when he asks if it's true they have a son, she tearfully confesses that she did give birth to a son named Jeremy. Unfortunately, Katrina's coven wasn't so happy with her saving Ichabod and instead of condemning her child to the dangerous life of a runaway, she decided to give him away to Grace Dixon and a Pastor. Wait, so if Grace is an ancestor of Abbie's, that means that Abbie's great-great-great-whatever grandmother was Ichabod's son's primary caregiver? As if we needed any more proof that Abbie and Ichabod's lives were always destined to be intertwined.

Katrina all but shoves Ichabod out of purgatory when a giant creature bursts in through the doors. When he wakes up back in this world, Ichabod tries convincing Henry to stay and help him possibly find his son's descendants but Henry is very adamant about getting on the next train where he will do his crossword puzzles that soothe him. We understand that feeling, Henry; sometimes when the world is going crazy all around you, you need something to ground you. Just when it looks as if Henry can't be persuaded to abandon his crossword, Abbie, beautiful, smart Abbie, steps in and reminds Parrish that none of them have a lot of family and that he has a chance to help Ichabod find some of his. And heads up-that's pretty much all that Abbie gets to do for the rest of this episode. It was a great speech, but disappointing that that's how we'll be leaving her until January.

The three of them head to the library to try and dig up something on Ichabod's son. No thanks to the librarian, they find out that he must have inherited powers from Katrina because there are reports that he started fires, including the one that burned down his house, killing Grace Dixon. The librarian who is decidedly unhelpful in finding them resources was actually a part of Katrina's coven who banished her to purgatory. When they go through her personal effects after finding her dead outside, they find a box with a drawing of a doll inside (Why are dolls so creepy?). The same doll that Abbie saw in the carriage when Katrina pulled her into that dream. The sin eater (aka Henry Parrish) taps into his powers and informs them that the doll belonged to Jeremy, who was punished and tortured by this pastor. One day, when Jeremy had had enough of his torment, he unconsciously summoned the doll to life. The doll, which is actually a Golem or monster created from clay, acted as a sort of guardian for Ichabod's son, killing the Pastor who was causing him so much pain. The Golem is obviously out for revenge. He's already gotten the librarian, which means he's after the rest of the coven next so they head to a carnival outside of Dobbs Ferry where Katrina's coven is.

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