Ann Arbor's Cinetopia International Film Festival Presents Foreign Film Line-Up, Now thru 6/3

Ann Arbor's Cinetopia International Film Festival Presents Foreign Film Line-Up, Now thru 6/3

The Cinetopia International Film Festival presented by AT&T, previously announced the foreign feature films selected for this year's inaugural festival, taking place today May 31 through June 3 at three Ann Arbor landmark locations: the Michigan Theater, the State Theater, and Angell Hall at the University of Michigan. Of the more than 30 films that will screen over the four days of the event, the eight foreign features include a British inter-faith comedy, European crime thrillers and domestic dramas, colorful musicals from Australia and Russia, and a Cuban zombie movie.

Destined to become your favorite Aboriginal musical road movie, Bran Nue Dae is a foot stomping tour-de-force. Young Willie rebels against his Catholic boarding school in Perth and heads for his homeland in Broome, 1500 miles away. Father Benedictus (the exuberantly deranged Geoffrey Rush) follows in hot pursuit. Playing Friday, June 1 at 4:30 PM at the State Theater.

Domineering cattle farmer Jacky, pumped on steroids and hormones, initiates a shady deal with a notorious Mafioso meat trader. When an investigating federal agent is assassinated and a woman from his traumatic past resurfaces, Jacky must confront his demons. A visceral saga bursting with rage. Playing Saturday, June 2 at 11:59 PM at the Michigan Theater and Sunday, June 3 at 7:30 PM at the State Theater.

Elena, a former nurse from a modest background, is married to older, wealthy Vladimir. Each has adult children from previous marriages. As his health declines and Vladimir makes plans to leave everything to his daughter, Elena must decide whether her loyalty lies with her husband or her kin. Part domestic thriller and part morality play, with a striking score by Philip Glass. Playing Friday, June 1 at 2:00 PM at the State Theater.

Roger Brown, a corporate recruiter with an expensive wife, gets into a little art theft, using information from job candidates to rob them of their masterpieces. But when he tries to steal a Rubens from a suave Dane who turns out to be a former mercenary, Roger meets his match. What starts off as a run-of-the-mill heist escalates into a ferocious game of cat and mouse. Playing Friday, June 1 at 8 PM at Angell Hall and Sunday, June 3 at 5:00 PM at the State Theater.

Hipsters is a candy-colored musical set in the drab Soviet Union of the 1950s. The movie sets to music the story of a young Communist party member who falls for an adorable poodle skirt-wearing Hipster. Casting caution and his grey uniform to the wind, he buys a saxophone and a snappy checkered suit. But as the Hipsters start growing up, they realize life isn't always a song and dance. Playing Sunday, June 3 at 11:30 AM at the State Theater.

United Kingdom
Omid Djalili is hilarious as Mahmud, a "relaxed" British Muslim who listens to rock music and sometimes drinks alcohol. Mahmud finds an adoption certificate and learns that his birth parents are Jewish. Shocked, he conceals this information from his family, who wonders what's gone wrong with him. A warm comedy that avoids ham-fistedness as it breaks down stereotypes. Featuring Richard Schiff and ARCHIE PANJABI. Playing Sunday, June 3 at 8:00 PM at Angell Hall.