Angel Light Pictures Launches 'Eco-Friendly' Radio Program, Rock It Green with iTunes

Angel Light Pictures Launches 'Eco-Friendly' Radio Program, Rock It Green with iTunes

ROCK IT GREEN RADIO SERIES is about having a simple conversation about sustainability with Scientists, Explorers, Actors, Directors, Producers and top professionals who explore the concept of being sustainable during their professional careers and share their experiences of 'Green Awareness' globally in hopes to nurture, influence, empower, motivate, and inspire future leaders of all audiences and all ages across the Globe.

Saillant's roster includes another sustainable project entitled Rock It Green Television, date of debut TBA. The Famous Landmark Rock located in New York City's Central Park, will be the setting for the new Youtube TV series "Rock It Green". The focus of this show will be on Sustainability within the Entertainment Business. Creator and Host, Antonio Saillant and Crew are in development of producing Season 1, incorporating new features in the sustainable experience. Saillant will interview Producers, Directors, Actors, Eco-friendly fashion and set designers, just to name a few. Hollywood POWER PLAYERS will be asked about Sustainability within the Entertainment Business in Film and Television and Influencing Change.

Rock It Green Radio is based in New York City and owned by Independent Film and Television producer, Antonio Saillant. Saillant's sustainable film company, Angel Light Pictures Entertainment Group and Dream Destinations will sponsor both Rock It Green Radio and Rock It Green Television.

Saillant states, "We are faced with the greatest challenge of our time, the fight against the climate crisis. The Motion Pictures and Television Industry continue to make progress on the impacts of climate change to our Planet Earth. Our voices and our actions will make an impact for a cleaner future, to better our environment, to love our Mother Earth. We all need to come together to combat and create real and lasting solutions against ultimate threats to our planet that can and will affect us now as well future generations. We are asking for your help to take action to address climate change. Joining together is the key solution. Let's discover the use of clean energy and less electricity. In unity, we can build the right team and ideas to solve the problem today, nottomorrow, because tomorrow may be too late."

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