'American Idol' Judges Among Upcoming Guests on NBC's TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO

'American Idol' Judges Among Upcoming Guests on NBC's TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO

NBC has released the schedule of upcoming guests on THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH Jay Leno for the week of January 11th - 20th. 

Thursday, January 12 - Guests include Gerard Butler, Betty White and musical guest Ledisi

Friday, January 13 - Guests include Tilda Swinton, Jennifer Hudson and musical guest Graffiti6

Tuesday, January 17 - Guests include Sam Worthington, Sherri Shepherd and musical guest Adam Lambert

Wednesday, January 18 - Guests include Jennifer Garner, Ross Matthews and musical guest Parachute

Thursday, January 19 - Guests include Wanda Sykes

Friday, January 20 - Guests include Steven Tyler, Ryan Seacrest, Randy Jackson, Sarah Colonna and musical guest Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and Randy Jackson

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THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH Jay Leno features a nightly monologue (the longest in late-night), news-making guests, and ongoing comedy segments, including "Headlines," "Jaywalking" and "Battle of Jaywalking All-Stars." The result is a unique and humorous look at the daily happenings in the news and in pop culture.

The program is also a proven barometer of political clout. In 2009, the show made history by being the first late-night show to host a sitting president when Jay Leno welcomed President Barack Obama as a guest.

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