Regional Opera Company of the Week: Portland Opera, the largest theatre site on the net, continues its expansion into other areas of entertainment with our latest feature -The Regional Opera Company of the Week!

This week's featured Opera Company is Portland Opera in Oregon!


Portland Opera is a vibrant and vital part of the cultural activity and identity in Oregon. With 48 years in the business, the company has earned a devoted public following throughout the state of Oregon and southwestern Washington. Portland Opera's mission is to inspire, challenge and uplift their audiences by creating productions of high artistic quality that celebrates the beauty and breadth of opera. Under the general direction of five different people since its inception, the company has always been on the cutting edge of accessible opera in an age where so many opera companies are struggling.

In their commitment to producing operas that "invigorate the future of the art form and are dramatically and vocally compelling," the company was the Second Company in the entire U.S. to use projectEd English translations during their productions. These projections offer an enhanced theatrical experience for patrons at operas sung in another language, thus making all of their productions more accessible to a wider range of attendees. Soon after adding this helpful feature, the company also became the first opera company in the United States to develop a separate subscription series of nationally touring Broadway shows. Today it is the only company to offer full seasons of both Broadway and opera productions.


The production value of the company has also gained ever growing national attention. Known for their innovative and groundbreaking productions, the company has presented world premieres, commissioned works, and international collaborations with many opera companies. The number of prominent guest artists continues to grow with every season because of the heightened creative standards of the company and the warm reception from community and company alike.


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