UK Recording Artist J.Walker Releases New Mixtape

Today Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes announces the release of "Positive", the latest mixtape by UK recording artist J.Walker of TLD. The Mixtape is currently available for streaming and download at the Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes website.

"Positive" creates a definition of gospel rap by itself. The Lion's Denn record label do what they usually do and experiment with current hip hop and urban sounds while keeping a gospel message in the lyrics. This is the first Mixtape by J.Walker of TLD, but his second major project. The concept of the album is based on the chase for a positive life, a positive mind and what our mind considers to be positive and negative.

The artist approaches a range of issues such as a dysfunctional childhood, abortion and gang violence while trying to keep a positive outlook throughout. The music remains up-tempo through hard hitting trap beats and cutting synths while often having a darker undertone to the lyrical content and issues being addressed. Social issues and more niche Christian problems are talked about such as the rapper telling his girlfriend he plans to be baptized and born again.

J.Walker switches between flows with rapid-fire lyrics on tracks like 'Save Everybody' and a more spoken word style delivery on songs like 'A Dad' and 'Positive'. The tracks are also produced by J.Walker with the rapper doubling up as a lyricist and beat maker. The album feels like an authentic journey into urban rap music and the rap melodies evident in the hooks across the album mirror the new style of radio friendly catchy hip hop tracks. The verses are often packed full of lyrical content however with references to scripture all over the album.

The mixtape features 14 tracks, including those below:

1. God And Google
2. Ned Flanders
3. Faith Child
4. Devil May Cry
5. Start It All Over
6. Positive
7. I Been Thinking
8. A Dad
9. Grace
10. Live Forever
11. Reflections
12. JOE
13. Save Everybody
14. The Christmas Story

J.Walker is currently seeking press opportunities, interviews, features, and more. He can be reached through the official Lion's Den Music website.

About J.Walker: "Some of my earliest memories involve rushing from primary school to church with my mum in the evenings after school. My greatest contribution to the faith at this point was helping to put out the chairs in rows of 12. We'd be in church at least four days a week and when I wasn't to tired to keep my eyes open any longer I learned many lessons and felt God's presence.

I feel like I've grown up always knowing and having a relationship with God. Not having my father around in these early years meant that there was more room for God and I could hear his voice clearly and uninterrupted. I feel the absence of positivity in my childhood is one of the reasons why God adopted me the way he did and continues to watch over me so closely to this day.

Growing up I went through many different fazes on my winding journey through childhood and teenage years. I never felt forsaken by God however and even on my darkest nights I knew He and His Angels were never too far away. College would however be a turning point as I was baptized and started dealing with meat rather than milk. I became more aware of my responsibilities as Christian and God's expectations and his plan for me.

It was also at this point that I became aware of Gospel rap. I had been working on music for about 3 years at this point and was rapping as well as producing and mixing. I was making secular music, but largely with a conscious message. As I became older and had more adult experiences there was however a shift in the content. The music reflected the harsh realities I was dealing with and I used the music as a bottle to capture my negative feelings and share them with the world.

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