The Karaoke Kiosk in HD by All Star Karaoke

The Karaoke Kiosk in HD  by All Star Karaoke

Clean. Crisp. Modern.

Today, All Star Karaoke is proud to announce that The Karaoke Kiosk in HD will bring customers the resolution that they have come to expect in digital entertainment to all their favorite on-screen lyrics. With the only fully synch-licensed HD system optimized for large beautiful picture quality in family rooms, karaoke clubs, restaurants, hotels, and more, The Karaoke Kiosk in HD is a marvel to behold.

Combining the latest in touch screen technology with elegant and intuitive design, All Star Karaoke's The Karaoke Kiosk in HD takes your inner superstar to a whole new nova!

In 1985, the karaoke industry relied on CD+G (CD Graphics) as the standard used to show synchronized text on screen with music. "We don't have the same car or the same hair we did in 1985, so why should we have the same old Karaoke?" says Rick Vogt, CEO of All Star Karaoke. "Embrace the Karaoke makeover as the days of looking at pixilated, low resolution screen lyrics are over. Say, 'Hello Gorgeous' with The Karaoke Kiosk in HD!"

Click here for a Video Comparison of CD+G and HD.

The Karaoke Kiosk in HD is also high in flavor! Classic, Family Fun, Singers Delight, and Pro Packages are just a few of the bundles offered to excite every user at every budget. Choose the one Package that fits your needs. Purchase or rent by the month and it comes with everything needed. The package can be used with any sound system and now includes a free three-month trial of the eSongBook.

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