Spike Hill Announces Calendar, 7/5-8/23

August 23
12:30 2010
Spike Hill Announces Calendar, 7/5-8/23

Spike Hill, located at 184 and 186 Bedford Avenue and North 7th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, has announced its calendar for the rest of the summer. For more information, please call (718) 218-9737 or visit The calendar is as follows:

Monday, July 5th

NEW 7:00 PM-Dan Strauss & Kate McGuire

NEW 8:00 PM-Pudding Time (A Tribute To Primus)

NEW 9:00 PM-A Small Victory (Faith No More)


Tuesday, July 6th

NEW 9:00 PM-The Collectors

10:00 PM-Milly Beau

11:00 PM-The Dream Station


Wednesday, July 7th

NEW 10:00 PM-Xylofaux

NEW 11:00 PM-Happy Lives


Thursday, July 8th

7:00 PM-The L Magazine Presents: Literary Upstart

9:30 PM-Hans Blix

11:00 PM--Lowry Thursday Residency!


Friday, July 9th

7:00 PM-Sea of Bees

8:00 PM-Anna Troy

9:00 PM-The Courtesy Tier

NEW 10:00 PM-Kate Tucker

11:00 PM-Pawnship Roses

12:00 AM-Muj


Saturday, July 10th

8:00 PM-Conversations With Enemies

NEW 9:00 PM-Muy Cansado

10:00-The Human Highlight Reel

11:00 PM-The Press

12:00 AM--Dioramas


Sunday, July 11th

8:00 PM-Mark Sinnis

9:00 PM-Blue Plate Special

NEW 10:00 PM-Laura Gould


Monday, July 12th-Jazz Night!

7:30 PM-NJ3 (NJ)

8:30 PM-Bruce Holmberg

9:30 PM-LanDon Knoblock

10:45 PM-Matt Snow Group

12:00 AM-LSB


Tuesday, July 13th

8:00 PM-Dylan Gilbert

9:00 PM-Brook Pridemore

10:00 PM-Flying Pace


Wednesday, July 14th

9:00 PM-Danielle Howle

10:00 PM-Aunt Martha

11:00 PM-Tejas Singh

12:00 AM-Mike Mineo


Thursday, July 15th

8:30 PM-Great Elk

9:30 PM-The Fieros

11:00 PM-Lowry Thursday Residency

NEW 12:00 AM-Atomic Tom


Friday, July 16th

8:00 PM-Say Say Say

9:00 PM-Hurrah! A Bolt of Light

10:00 PM--The Barrens

11:00 PM-Pet Ghost Project

12:00 AM-Magnetic Island


Saturday, July 17th

NEW 9:00 PM-The Young Things

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