Singer/Songwriter Brian Dolzani Releases New CD IF I DON'T SPEAK A WORD

Singer/Songwriter Brian Dolzani Releases New CD IF I DON'T SPEAK A WORD

Singer-songwriter Brian Dolzani crafts an impressive, intimate collection of personal stories on his new CD 'If I Don't Speak A Word'. With vocals that evoke early Neil Young, precise and often stinging lyrics, deceptively catchy melodies and a knack for building quietly painful anecdotes, Dolzani has delivered what might be described as a relationship album for those who've lost their voice along the way. Listen to samples HERE.

Dolzani, who has drawn warm comparisons to Jules Shear and Freedy Johnston, tackles broken connections with lovers as well as with family members, and recalls his father, who passed away tragically when Dolzani was 15. On powerful tracks such as 'Older Now', 'Broken' and 'Not As Lonely,' Dolzani's internal struggles are evident, as he articulates the Journey from childhood shyness and anxiety to the challenges of being a man navigating a complicated world.

Dolzani comments: This is very much a relationship record, the story of a 'seeker' coming to terms with where they are in life, what they have, what they want to be different; someone who is learning to find their strong voice and find themselves in relation to others, with the looming question of What might happen if I keep quiet? And the dissatisfied life that that may result in.

The album is currently available digitally, with broader distribution planned for the months ahead. Connecticut-native Dolzani has confirmed a series of shows in his home state (including a 5/21 concert opening for James McCartney,) with additional U.S. tour dates to be announced soon. Visit for all upcoming concerts.

Growing up I was always the quietest and shyest kid in the class (yes, very much juxtaposed against being a singer/songwriter. Anyone who knew me in grade school is usually pretty shocked). For safety I learned to keep to myself, quietly observing the world around me, trying not to get hurt and trying to maintain a sense of self despite being in a world of many other kids and people. The loss of my dad when I was 15 really threw my personality into even further fear and feeling I had to hide myself away and go along with others in order to be safe. It always felt hard to be myself. This record symbolizes and documents a very long process of healing and recovery from self-denying habits; a second coming-of-age record (at 40) for those who may have lost their voice along the way in life. Learning to speak one's truth. I hope it sparks others to relate, or perhaps look deeper into themselves and sort out some old material, the stuff we all have hidden away, in order to self-actualize and feel whole and healthy; to be happy with oneself, which includes all the downs as well as ups.