Sherman Ewing Preps New Album & Tour

Sherman Ewing Preps New Album & Tour

Indie rocker Sherman Ewing has cemented his position as a significant new talent on the music scene. Beginning with his critically acclaimed 2011 album 'Single Room Saloon', and continuing with 2012's collaborative 'Missing Cats' project, Ewing has been praised for the "brutal honesty" in his songwriting, and has drawn consistent comparisons to such seminal artists as Bob Dylan, Keith Richards and John Prine.

2013 will see Ewing -- who has been covered in USA TODAY (twice in one week,) RELIX, NO DEPRESSION, EXAMINER.COM, JAMBANDS and numerous other outlets -- building on the critical and artistic successes of the past two years: he will embark on a series of tour dates, will record a new album in the Spring, and will soon confirm an NYC residency.

Ewing is an effective storyteller who draws inspiration from life's challenges, and his upcoming album will No Doubt include references to the devastation he experienced in Hurricane Sandy's wake, as his Red Hook home was virtually destroyed and he had to protect the house and his possessions in freezing conditions, with no electricity, for weeks. His acclaimed 2011 album 'Single Room Saloon' introduced Ewing as a songwriter adept at mining the dark side of life: The CD was Ewing's commentary on his personal Journey from trauma to triumph, and his observations into what he observed as a world gone crazy. Devastation...Tenacity...The will to survive under brutal circumstances...A battle for personal salvation -- these themes resonate for Ewing and journalists found them to be compelling. In addition to being shipped to an English Boarding school, against his will, at the ripe age of ten, he recalled the following as a backdrop for the album: "having been brought up in Christian Science family and all that entailed...virtually no medical care; childhood trips to the dentist where drilling was done without anesthesia; witnessing the excruciating death of both parents, who chose prayer over medicine in their losing fights with cancer; a personal battle with drugs that took me to the streets, and finally rediscovering my own spiritual path through recovery."

2012 saw Ewing join forces with John 'Jojo' Hermann to form a new band 'Missing Cats' and release their upbeat debut CD 'Larry Brown Amen'. With Hermann on piano/vocals and Ewing on acoustic guitar/vocals, Missing Cats saw its two founding members shifting from their usual fare (Hermann is longtime keyboardist of Widespread Panic, and Ewing's work is primarily indie rock/singer-songwriter,) towards a more full-bodied alternative rock/blues/Americana sound, with cinematic lyrics and stories that rich in character-driven details. With the release of the acclaimed 2012 album, Hermann and Ewing celebrated their long relationship, which dates back to their 1983 college days.

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