Lulu Nocera Releases Debut Album HYPNOTIZED with The BB Batts


Billboard charting recording artist and songwriter Lulu Nocera has announced the release of Hypnotized, a full length album by her new Alternative / Punk Rock Band, The BB Batts.

Hypnotized is a dazzling display of Pop / Punk rock songs infused with a "Beatlesque" sound. Written by Lulu Nocera, renowned for her Billboard charting dance singles, "Summertime, Summertime" and "Let's Go," Hypnotized captures the sound and passion of an artist rediscovering the music that inspired her to become a singer & musician. Lulu Nocera's voice has reached millions with her radio hits and live performances the world over, now The BB Batts offer a whole new pop thrill.

The tracks on Hypnotized include the first single "Rock The Catwalk,"which is becoming a favorite among New York City club DJ's; "Sunshine,"about the joys of being alive; the autobiographic "I Love The Beatles and The Rolling Stones," and the powerful rock anthem "Hey Boy."

Listen to the music here.

"I progress musically everytime I write news songs. The making of Hypnotized was an incredible experience for me, I hear that magic every time I listen to the album. During the recording process I felt as if I was reaching the peak of my creativity. It was an experience I will never forget. Working with producer/guitarist Ben Rice changed my life forever, he captured the exact sound I was looking for. Ben was also able to bring in some incredible musicians to be a part of the recording. The first five songs were recorded with Ben Rice on guitars/bass, his drummer Austin Shumacher, from his band The Blackbells and my friend John Roggie / keyboardist who's on tour with Bebel Gilberto. When you listen to the song "I Love The Beatles, I Love The Rolling Stones" you'll discover it's a autobiographical song about the evolution and experience of my life as a pop artist. It's about rediscovering the love for my favorite music as a teenager, the 60's mod rock and 70's rock that inspired me to write songs at a very early age. It's an album about my personal experiences of love and life." - Lulu Nocera