IDOL WATCH: San Antonio and Long Beach Auditions

IDOL WATCH: San Antonio and Long Beach Auditions

American Idol continued holding auditions tonight in San Antonio. From the previews shown last week, it seemed like the next American Idol would come from this city.

First up was Vincent Powell, 29 was returning from last season where he was cut at the end of Hollywood week. He sang Rock Me Baby by BB King and had a good range with a soulful tone and received 4 yeses.

The next two performers were a brother duet from San Antonio. Derek and David Bacerott, 21 and 24 sang Let Me Love You by Mario. With their bad attitudes and no harmony they recieved a unanimous no.

Next up was a belly-baring unemployed single mother of a 5 year old, Savannah Votion. Singing Etta James, avannah did a great job hitting the high notes of the song. All four judges had positive things to say to her with Nicki finishing off by saying that SAvannah had a big, owerful and organic voice. I am looking forward to seeing her in Hollywood.

Ricky Jo Garcia, 16, was up next and was just not good enough for the judges.

The next contestant, Cristabel Clack, is auditioning in her last year eligible. The married mother of three She sang If I Ain't Got You by Alicia Keys and recieved good feedback by al four judges. She got her ticket to Hollywood and deservingly so.

Ann Difani from Arkansas, who was nominated by her husband Jordan was the next one to audition. The country singer sang a song by Faith Hill and recieved a yes from all four judges.

Day 2 in San Antonio kicked off with mariachi singer Victoria Acosta. She showed her music roots and at the young age of six Victoria fell in love with music. She sang Big Girls Don't Cry by Fergie but fell short of impressing the judges. Randy asked her to sing some of a mariachi song and as soon as she did what she knew very well, she came alive. We will be seeing her in Hollywod.

Next up was Papa Peachez, 19, from Jackson Mississippi who works with the homeless and got the nickname from them. Even though most people see him as a young white boy, with a vibrant personality, he feels his voice has black gospel roots. He came in with a deep voice, and sang his own music. The judges were split, but Randy changed his original vote from no to yes sending Papa to Hollywood.

The last contestant in San Antonio was 19 year old Adam Sanders and he sang I'd Rather Go Blind by Etta James. He shocked them all and received a standing ovation from all four judges. Without comments, they went straight to voting and all said yes. And as Adam left, Randy said that is how you do an audition.

The second hour of the show began as the judges and contestants boarded the Queen Mary in Long Beach. Nicki had prior commitments at the AMA's and Mariah was stuck in LA traffic, so Randy and Keith began the judging alone.

Mariah arrived, and next up was BrIan Martinez, 21, from Los Angeles. He says that a producer heard him in the bathroom and told him to audition for Idol, so there he was singing Phil Collins You'll be in my Heart. All four judges said no. I wonder if the man in the bathroom really was a producer.

Next up was 26 year old Matt Farmer who spent six years in the military before suffering a brain injury. He was told that he could not have kids, and 6 1/2 months later he found out his now wife was pregnant. He entered the room and sang Sam Cooke's Change is Gonna Come. Randy and Mariah both thought he had strong pipes, and Mariah continued to say how raw and real his performance was. Keith loved his Gavin DeGraw-esque tone was amazing, and he received three yeses.

Auditions continued with Stephanie Sanson, 16, from Los Angeles. She said she was singing Adele's Set Fire To The Rain but it was not at all what the judges or audience at home expected. She began jumping up and down, and sang a heavy metal version. She went on to break some set pieces, continued jumping around the room, even flashing the middle finger to the judges and left the audition still screaming. Obviously 3 no's from the judges.

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