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FLASH SPECIAL: MOULIN ROUGE Can-Cans Into Cinemas On 4/10

Today, we are taking a special look at the spectacular new ballet extravaganza dancing its way into movie theaters nationwide later this week courtesy of SpectiCast's presentation of Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet's MOULIN ROUGE.

FLASH SPECIAL: MOULIN ROUGE Can-Cans Into Cinemas On 4/10You Can Can-Can

The music. The dance. The energy. The romance. The can-can. The many unforgettable elements conjured up when musing upon the famed Parisian entertainment venue known as the Moulin Rouge are copious, but it is the iconic dance introduced and celebrated there over a hundred years ago that most immediately springs to mind most of all. And, with good reason - perhaps no other act of movement so expertly captures the precise feeling of a time and a place at a particular point in history than the can-can commands. Indeed, the artists who have paid homage to the iconic and sexy dance are wide-ranging and wondrous - the colorful paintings of Toulouse-Lautrec to Jacques Offenbach's legendary musical piece ORPHEUS IN THE UNDERWORLD to Cole Porter's Broadway musical CAN-CAN to Baz Luhrmann's game-changing movie musical experiment MOULIN ROUGE! and far beyond, not to mention this stunning new ballet presented by SpectiCast premiering in movie theaters nationwide later this week.

Visionary directors Pierre and Francois Lamoureux provide their own unique spin on not only the classic can-can but the vaunted venue itself via the new filmed stage piece MOULIN ROUGE.
Featuring a new story rife with music and romance, the general conceit of MOULIN ROUGE traces two star-crossed lovers named Mathieu and Nathalie as they navigate the wildly divergent clash of cultures present at the entertainment palace, accented by many famous French compositions.

Additionally, MOULIN ROUGE features choreography by famed dance master Jorden Morris who makes the can-can and many other memorable movements feel fresh and new in an exciting and emotionally invested manner, exemplified in the talented corps of Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet. After all, the only act of romantic expression more sensual and revealing than song is dance and in MOULIN ROUGE there is a veritable feast of it.

FLASH SPECIAL: MOULIN ROUGE Can-Cans Into Cinemas On 4/10Although the can-can itself is claimed by historians to have been created circa 1830, its most legendary showplace was unquestionably the gaudy stages and boisterous, packed halls of the Moulin Rouge - the place where it found its true spiritual home and could be accurately expressed with the sort of wild abandon and highly sexualized fervor afforded to no other dances at the time. And, for that matter, few - if any - since. The chaste, sweet romance of the central love story complicit in MOULIN ROUGE is dazzlingly juxtaposed by the outrageous displays of dance capsulized in many moments throughout depicting the diverse assortment of dances paid due diligence in the elegantly varied evening of entertainment.

Having already set hearts aflame and feet afire to over 100,000 lucky attendees while on its long-running international tour, Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet now brings this iconic production of MOULIN ROUGE to the big screen byway of Specticast and the resultant event is sure to satisfy those seeking out a night of romance, music, fun, and, of course, dance - all at their very best.

More information on SpectiCast's presentation of Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet's MOULIN ROUGE in movie theaters nationwide starting April 10 is available at the official site here.

I Love Paris

So, now, let's look at some of the most famous uses of the can-can in history as we look ahead to SpectiCast's presentation of MOULIN ROUGE.

First up, take in the trailer for SpectiCast's presentation of Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet's production of MOULIN ROUGE.

Next, sample some of the many musical highlights of MOULIN ROUGE, as well.

Now, go behind the scenes of Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet and see how MOULIN ROUGE came together in this documentary clip.

After that, hear where the inspiration for the can-can began with the overture for Jacques Offenbach's ORPHEUS IN THE UNDERWORLD.

Witness how master songwriter Cole Porter utilized the Moulin Rouge in his Parisian musical CAN-CAN.

Sample a scene from the film adaptation of CAN-CAN starring Shirley MacLaine.

Lastly, view the trailer for Baz Luhrmann's take on the legendary dance hall via MOULIN ROUGE!

So, what is it about the attention-grabbing ferocity of the can-can that movies you most of all? Furthermore, what is your favorite artistic work inspired by it? With SpectiCast's MOULIN ROUGE in movie theaters this week, a rich sampling of many of the best elements of not only the dance but the place where it was born and bred is on hand to be devoured by willing participants. Now, even you can can-can with the best thanks to SpectiCast and the Winnipeg Ballet- no, really, you can!

FLASH SPECIAL: MOULIN ROUGE Can-Cans Into Cinemas On 4/10

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