Elin Ruth Releases New BANG EP; Plays NYC's The Living Room Tonight

December 6
12:30 2012

Elin Ruth Releases New BANG EP; Plays NYC's The Living Room Tonight

The acclaimed Swedish singer-songwriter Elin Ruth released her Bang EP this week (11/27). The four song EP precedes her full length, eponymous US debut which comes out on January 29, 2013. Bang is available for a free download on her Facebook page HERE. You can also purchase the iTunes version HERE that includes a bonus track in which Elin covers Hank Williams' "I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive".

Elin Ruth plays at NYC's renowned venue The Living Room tonight, December 6 with her new full band at 7 PM. Her desire for experimentation shines through in her stage performance. Whether by the piano or alone with her guitar, Elin mesmerizes the audience, filling the room with her slightly raspy voice, powerful stage presence and vocal summersaults.

Bang Tracklisting:
1 – Bang
2 – Paper Cup Words
3 – Long Cold Winter
4 – Hymn About A Tree

After four celebrated records, numerous award nominations and a dozen chart hits in her native Sweden, Elin Ruth is back at the beginning. Last year she dropped everything for love and moved across the Atlantic. Elin Ruth is a playful pop album, eclectic but balanced. Elements of country are mixed with soul and gospel, taking the listener on an emotional journey throughout the 10 songs.

In many ways, it's only natural for Elin to end up in the country of her musical heroes. Growing up in the small town of Mönsterås, by the windy Swedish east coast, her dad filled the house with American folkrock. At the time Elin shrugged it off as "old man's music", but when her songwriting turned serious in her late teens, Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, Donovan, Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell all came re-visiting. Elin Ruth is the sound of an artist crossing the world for love and ending up in the country that first inspired her to make music.

For more about Elin Ruth, visit her website at, or find her on Facebook and Twitter.



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