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NewFilmmakers NY to Host 2013 Christmas Screening Series, 12/18

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On Wednesday, December 18th, NewFilmmakers presents its annual Christmas Screening Series. Admission is $6 the night of the screening. For more information visit

6:00 PM First Short Film Program

JiYoon Lee CURIOUS CAT CHRISTMAS (2103, 4 minutes)
A story about a curious cat who nearly kills himself in search of gifts on Christmas Eve.

Kevin Darnell Walker YING AND YANG (2013, 12 minutes)
'Ying and Yang' - Masculinity. Femininity. Pansexuality. The inner thoughts of a young man named Devin as he tries to get a grip on his identity, his sexuality, and his relationships. This piece is entirely spoken word. No dialogue. Just poetry.

Joe Mode WHY (2011) (2011, 19 minutes)
Middle film of a trilogy delving into the lengths a person will go to find love in their lives. At this point in our main character Andrew's life he has allowed himself to be in a physical and emotionally abusive relationship.

Wil J Jackson THE DENIED (2013, 15 minutes)
A cop receives the worst news he can imagine. His life partner, Alex, has been shot on duty. But Andrew's nightmare is only beginning as he arrives at the hospital. Alex's family blames Andrew for their son's fate.

7:15 PM Second Short Film Program

Dustin Shroff DEFLATED (2012, 5 minutes)
Chris has come to the super-store with his dad to spend his allowance - his heart set on getting a bouncy ball. But when he gets to the toy aisle, he soon discovers that all of the balls in the ball cage are bright pink.

Michael Natale KATE (2013, 27 minutes)
After 5 years with his boyfriend, film blogger Gary Willis has grown tired of the annoyances that come with dating men.

8:30 PM Third Short Film Program

Hannah Leshaw FICTIONAL ME, FICTIONAL YOU (2013, 12 mins) Ben is extremely lonely but he's also very self-conscious and he finds it difficult to create intimate connections with others.

Joseph Megel ABOUT TIME (2012, 19 minutes)
A short film about love, loss and letting go. A young man, raised by his father after the death of his mother, finds himself stalled in his life and unable to pursue his dreams of pursuing an acting career.

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