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NewFilmmakers NY Continues with Short Film Program and MP2V, 2/6

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On Wednesday, February 6th, presents two Short Film Programs and the new Feature MP2V.

6:00 PM First Short Film Program

Lori Bowen JUSTUS (2011, 6 minutes)
In JustUs, a woman captures the man responsible for the rape and murder of her sister and eleven other women when he's released from custody on a technicality.

Dee Robertson I KILL FLOWERS TO SAVE THE WORLD (2011, 7 minutes)
My name is Sarah and I kill flowers to save the world.

Hilton Ariel Ruiz 6/6/1966 (2012, 8 minutes)
A group of friends search to find if a evil presence really exist.

Natalie Smith SHED (2011, 8 minutes)
Is a thought provoking, tense short film with horrific ethical and moral overtones. It is a film that leads the viewer to question their thoughts and feelings on a terrifying subject matter that cuts deep into the heart of today's society.

Travis Greene DEER HEAD VALLEY (2012, 10 minutes)
On the county line of Deer Head Valley, a derelict woman and her gentleman friend hold captive an innocent man.

Gino Gianoli THE GREAT DESTROYER (2010, 20 minutes)
Young Julian embarks on a journey of self discovery and self destruction.

7:15 PM Second Short Film Program

Scott Eriksson THE LEARNING CURVE (2012, 10 minutes)
School teacher Grace Leonard finds her former student Lenny, now 22, at her front door seven years after being in her middle school German class. Lenny's plan is to confront Grace about her sexual advances towards him.

Zachary Fleming OUTSIDE

Javier Melendez MUTE (2011, 16 minutes)
Monette hasn't been to church in years, yet he finds himself sitting in a confessional booth. A troubling series of events involving his cheating wife, $125,000 and a mysterious hitchhiker has him telling a priest his life story.

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