All-American Rejects' Tyson Ritter to Star in Gregg Allman Biopic MIDNIGHT RIDER

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Tyson Ritter. Photo by RD / Bishop / Retna Digital.

The Hollywood Reporter writes that All-American Rejects' frontman Tyson Ritter has been cast in the role of Gregg Allman for Randall Miller and Jody Savin's film adaptation of Gregg's memoir MY CROSS TO BEAR. The pic's working title is MIDNIGHT RIDER. Ritter joins Wyatt Russell, who is set to portray Gregg's brother Duane Allman.

Casting musicians was important, as both Ritter and Russell will be singing and playing guitar, piano and more in the film.

"The world knows Tyson as an extraordinary musician and performer; now the world will know what an amazing actor he is as well," Miller told THR. Savin commented on casting Russell, saying he "blew us away with his total embodiment of the rock icon and his uncanny slide guitar chops."

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MIDNIGHT RIDER will feature original Allman Brothers recordings as well as cover performances by Ritter and Russell. The Allman Brothers are known for their hits such as "Ramblin' Man", "Jessica" and, of course, "Midnight Rider". The film will chronicle the formation of the band as well as Gregg's relationship- and drug-related struggles and the tragedy of Duane and Berry Oakley's deaths in motorcycle accidents.

Miller is set to direct MIDNIGHT RIDER and produce with Savin via Unclaimed Freight alongside Brad Rosenberger. Open Road Films and Exchange are handling distribution here and overseas, respectively.

Ritter has appeared on TV in House, 90210, Parenthood and Betas.

Russell's upcoming film projects include Cold in July and 22 Jump Street. He has appeared in The Walking Dead, Arrested Development, This Is 40, Cowboys & Aliens and more.

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