BWW Reviews: Paul Taylor 60th Anniversary Marathon

BWW Reviews: Paul Taylor 60th Anniversary Marathon

The celebration of the sixtieth anniversary of Paul Taylor's choreographic career filled the stage and the screen - computer screens that is, with announcements regarding the company's future trajectory - in the way that only Paul Taylor can. The choreographer's choices, both in his dances and dialogue, cover the spectrum of ideologies. Throughout his career, Taylor allowed himself to be in the moment, whatever the moment, and continues to contribute in a very important, seemingly endless conversation: how modern dance maintains its relevance alongside contemporary dance without losing its heritage. A few Taylor twists this season: six dollar tickets, added alumni performance, and anticipated diversified repertory with works from other choreographers.

On Friday, March 14th, the Koch Theater bubbled with happiness. Taylor presented three works. He bookended the melancholy of season premiere Marathon Cadenzas with the frolicking gaiety of A Field of Grass and the sweeping beauty of Arden Court. As always, Taylor's dancers wondrously captivated with their athletic stature and lightning fast yet fluid aesthetic.

Robert Kleinendorst's easy breezy drag encircled him with smoke in A Field of Grass. As he puffed away the tendrils of smoke embraced him. He fell into the embrace. He flirted and joked with it. His friends skipped into play, relaxed as the jeans they wore. Taylor's Graham experience lingered in the rock 'n roll flirtation with the torsos taking the beat (contraction). Slowly the carefree somersaults withdrew as they came down from their "trip." Although seemingly free and easy, Taylor's Beatniks constantly searched the heavens. Their palms lifted upwards in every leap and jump. The diagonal pull of the torso illustrated the conflict of the time surfacing in the traveling steps across the stage. In looking back at the time, Taylor laughingly said goodbye to it. A nostalgic chuckle perhaps, as his work was born out of that particular time and yet transcended it.

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Melia Kraus-har Melia is a dance historian, educator, administrator and advocate. Melia?s educational background is in Communication, Theater, and Dance and her movement training is in ballet, modern, social dance, and circus arts. She recently published a book on dance in reality television. Melia currently lives and works in New York city. In her free time, she loves exploring the city, running, and practicing yoga.

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