BWW Reviews: FJK Dance

BWW Reviews: FJK Dance

I glanced at the program photograph as I was sitting down for the Fadi J. Khoury Dance concert on July 24 at New York Live Arts. I suppose it's me-or an over stimulated brain-because the photo screamed, yelled, and hollered "beefcake evening." Nothing wrong with that-there are worse things one can encounter in life.

And while there was plenty of that, the program offered the vision of an intelligent, can I use the word promising, choreographer who could offer a distinctive voice in a somewhat overcrowded dance field.

Fadi J. Khoury, the founder and principal dancer of the 7 member group, knows how to make a dance swerve, by which I mean the choreography turns on its own peculiar axis, producing unique images that are totally unexpected. Fadi, who was originally born in Iraq but later moved to Beirut when he was 13, has a solid background in ballet, modern and ballroom dancing. According to the program notes, he doesn't feel at home in any of them, hence his desire to create his own company which is a reflection of Fadi's mix of experience-familiar to him, and as a result, completely distinct from anything else." In simpler terms, it has its own brand of distinction--with a few miscalculations here and there.

The biggest misstep of the evening was Khoury's Tango Unframed, which I found unexciting, even if the audience went wildly ecstatic. While the piece offered Khoury's physique and sensuality, not to mention that mysterious sense his persona suggests, and the voluptuous Sevin Ceviker (who reminds me of photographs I've seen of New York City Ballet's Diana Adams and Yvonne Mounsey), the choice of imagery and steps, did not complement them. They played against the music, almost oozing it, while trying to create a mood that was impossible to capture. This tends to be the bane of many emerging choreographers-where do the steps meet the music and what will it produce.

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