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BWW Dance Interview: Tomé CousinBWW Dance Interview: Tomé Cousin
Posted: May. 26, 2016

BWW Dance Interview: Jeremy McQueenBWW Dance Interview: Jeremy McQueen
Posted: May. 11, 2016

BWW Dance Review: Ballez's SLEEPING BEAUTY AND THE BEAST at La MaMa Moves!BWW Dance Review: Ballez's SLEEPING BEAUTY AND THE BEAST at La MaMa Moves!
Posted: May. 4, 2016


BWW Interview: Chris Alloways-RamseyBWW Interview: Chris Alloways-Ramsey
Posted: Jan. 6, 2016

BWW Interview: Artistic Director David McAllister Discusses the Australian Ballet's New SLEEPING BEAUTYBWW Interview: David McAllister Discusses the Australian Ballet's New SLEEPING BEAUTY
Posted: Sep. 14, 2015

BWW Dance Interview: Tomé CousinBWW Dance Interview: Tomé Cousin
Posted: May. 26, 2016

BWW Dance Interview: Tom Cousin
May 26, 2016

Tome Cousin is an interdisciplinary artist who has molded an award winning international career that includes collaboration and performance on Broadway, television, film, dance, theater, music, photography, and literature. He holds a Bachelors of Arts in Dance History and Choreography and a Masters of Fine Art in New Media Art and Performance. He is an Associate Professor of Dance at the Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama.
BWW Dance Review: Pennsylvania Ballet's 'Program of Firsts'BWW Dance Review: Pennsylvania Ballet's 'Program of Firsts'
May 19, 2016

First things first. I'm not going to talk about the Pennsylvania Ballet and the company's negative press that's been besieging the dance world for the past few weeks. Any questions write or call Angel Corella, the Artistic Director. Let it come from him, not me.
BWW Dance Interview: Jeremy McQueenBWW Dance Interview: Jeremy McQueen
May 11, 2016

Founder and Artistic Director of The Black Iris Project, Jeremy McQueen is an award-winning emerging choreographer. A 2013 recipient of the Joffrey Ballet of Chicago's Choreographers of Color Award and two-time finalist of the Capezio Award for Choreographic Excellence, McQueen's work has appeared at Jacob's Pillow Dance's Inside/Out series (in 2012 & 2013), Dancers Responding to AIDS' Fire Island Dance Festival, the Young Choreographer's Festival, and more. McQueen has appeared in the Broadway National Tours of 'Wicked' and 'The Color Purple', in addition to the Metropolitan Opera's productions of 'Die Fledermaus', 'Aida', 'Les Contes d'Hoffmann', and 'Don Giovanni'. McQueen currently teaches ballet for ABT's and Ailey's educational outreach programs. A graduate of The Ailey School/Fordham University B.F.A Program, he's trained as a scholarship recipient with American Ballet Theatre, San Francisco Ballet, and Alonzo King's LINES Ballet.
BWW Dance Review: Ballez's SLEEPING BEAUTY AND THE BEAST at La MaMa Moves!BWW Dance Review: Ballez's SLEEPING BEAUTY AND THE BEAST at La MaMa Moves!
May 4, 2016

By my count, I've seen at least 250 productions in my lifetime, the last one in Australia. This, however, did not prepare me for Ballez's 'Sleeping Beauty & The Beast,' presented on Sunday, May 1st 2016, as part of the La Mama Moves! Festival. While this was meant to put a new spin on an old tale by gender bending mythical roles in the ballet canon, I have to admit that by the end I was neither surprised nor shocked into that feeling of astonishment when you witness something completely out of the ordinary.
BWW Dance Review: NEW YORK CITY BALLET's 21st Century Program I Offers Stellar Dancing, but Some Foregttable ChoreographyBWW Dance Review: NEW YORK CITY BALLET's 21st Century Program I Offers Stellar Dancing, but Some Foregttable Choreography
April 28, 2016

To judge by Sunday's matinee on April 24, 2016, the New York City Ballet is in good dancing hands-shall I say excellent hands. If two of the three ballets that afternoon did not always meet the demands of the choreographic high level set forward by Balanchine, the dancing most certainly did. It was, to be understated, superb.
BWW Dance Review: Relve
April 25, 2016

To judge by the film Reset (Releve)), which was recently shown at the Tribeca Film Festival, Benjamin Millepied, the soon to depart director of the Paris Opera Ballet, was a very lucky man. He could choreograph and commission works, construct innovative social media platforms and re-direct the school, along with dealing with entrenched hierarchies, bureaucracies, and all the other chies and cies that go with it.
BWW Dance Review: The Co-OpBWW Dance Review: The Co-Op
April 21, 2016

We all know what it's like. You go to a performance that presents four different pieces, and by the end you swear that you've been seeing the same thing danced all night. It's like asking yourself: where did it start and finish, because you're in a Kafkaesque mode, and all you want is to be rescued into the realm of logic. Why exactly did the curators present this?
BWW Interview: Olga ElBWW Interview: Olga El
March 2, 2016

Olga El is a writer, director, and performance activist based in New York City. Her company, The Kandake Dance Theatre for Social Change, uses dance traditions from around the world to create socially relevant work and engage audiences and communities. This year is The Kandake's fifth anniversary, so I decided to ask Olga some questions about the company's unique foundations and where she thinks it may be headed in the future.
BWW Review: Marsha Volgyi's THE CREWMEMBERBWW Review: Marsha Volgyi's THE CREWMEMBER
February 25, 2016

In the midst of some major illnesses and a deep depression, I was given Marsha Volgyi's new novel, 'The Crewmember,' to review. To say that it was just the antidote for my emotional state is an understatement; to say that I Iaughed out loud at least 500 times while reading the novel is doing the work a disservice. It was a wonderful journey on a cruise ship that propelled me into a state of near hysteria, and I don't laugh that easily.
BWW Interview: Chris Alloways-RamseyBWW Interview: Chris Alloways-Ramsey
January 6, 2016

Chris Alloways-Ramsey began his early training with Barbara (Olewine) Wouters, later completing his classical training with Mira Popovich and Dame Sonia Arova. He attended summer programs on full merit scholarships at Kirov Academy, School of American Ballet, Houston Ballet Academy, and San Francisco Ballet. Her graduated from high school at North Carolina School of the Arts with a focus in Ballet and received his A.L.B, cum laude, from Harvard University in 2003.
BWW Review: Troy Schumacher's BalletCollectiveBWW Review: Troy Schumacher's BalletCollective
November 11, 2015

Entering New York University's Skirball Center for the Performing Arts on November 5, 2015, dancers from Troy Schumachers's group, BalletCollective, were already warming up on stage. You could feel the excitement in the air. All one had to do was scream 'go' and the dancers, high on performance octane, would have made a dash for it.
BWW Review: The Minstrel Show RevisitedBWW Review: The Minstrel Show Revisited
November 5, 2015

Frederick Douglass once described blackface performers as '...the filthy scum of white society, who have stolen from us a complexion, denied them by nature, in which to make money, and pander to the corrupt taste of their white fellow citizens.'
BWW Review: Jose LimonBWW Review: Jose Limon
November 2, 2015

I wish I could have been more enthusiastic about the all-Jose Limon program on October 25, 2015, at 2 pm. It wasn't the dancers-just the repertory.
BWW Interview: Ballet Memphis's Dorothy Gunther PughBWW Interview: Ballet Memphis's Dorothy Gunther Pugh
October 26, 2015

Ballet Memphis, under the artistic direction of Dorothy Gunther Pugh, will return to New York City's Joyce Theater (175 Eighth Avenue) for the first time since 2007 for a limited run this October. Performances begin Tuesday,October27th and run through Sunday, November 1st.
BWW Review: Eryc TaylorBWW Review: Eryc Taylor
October 20, 2015

That Eryc Taylor is talented is a no-brainer; that he still needs focus is the question that needs addressing, and I think that this is a very pressing problem for his career.
BWW Review: Australian Ballet's SLEEPING BEAUTYBWW Review: Australian Ballet's SLEEPING BEAUTY
October 13, 2015

Just when you think you are Sleeping Beautied out, along comes another production. This one however, is being produced on the other side of the world by the Australian Ballet. That's a long way to travel to see something you've already encountered in 500 other productions. On the other hand, why not? I'd never been to Australia and needed a vacation. So a 27-hour flight didn't seem to faze me. Plus, I would see a company that was almost totally unknown to me. I'd seen them on You Tube and was highly impressed. I missed them in New York, so this would be my chance not only to see the company, but Australia! Of course, there were other reasons. Like a great love I had in college 40 years before and had left because he wanted me to move to Melbourne with him. And I was going to meet him again! So if you combine the meeting of a past love and a new Sleeping Beauty, the combination was almost irresistible, at least to me. (I'm told that my brain works in peculiar ways, and this was definitely one of them!) So I booked a flight and in two days I was transported to one of the loveliest cities imaginable. And I could have been there 40 years earlier!
BWW Interview: Artistic Director David McAllister Discusses the Australian Ballet's New SLEEPING BEAUTYBWW Interview: Artistic Director David McAllister Discusses the Australian Ballet's New SLEEPING BEAUTY
September 14, 2015

Pearl Buck, the Nobel Prize winning author, once wrote that 'if you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday.' Which is what Australian Ballet Artistic Director David McAllister has attempted with his new production of Tchaikovsky's The Sleeping Beauty, which will premiere in Melbourne, Australia, on September 15 2015, before touring to Perth from October 7-10, and Sydney from November 17-December 16.
BWW Interview: Daniel EzralowBWW Interview: Daniel Ezralow
August 27, 2015

Pearl (, a new American-Chinese dance-theatre spectacular, inspired by the life of Pearl S. Buck, the first woman to win both the Nobel and the Pulitzer Prizes, will have its world premiere at the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center for 4 performances only, August 27-30th. The story, focusing on the substantial influence Pearl had on both Chinese and Western cultures, will be brought to life through new choreography by Daniel Ezralow (Ezralow Dance Company, MOMIX, Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony, Academy Awards), a new score composed by Jun Miyake (collaborations with Robert Wilson, Pina Bausch, David Byrne and Oliver Stone) dazzling visuals and a company of 30 American and Chinese dancers.
BWW Dance TV Interviews: Fadi J. KhouryBWW Dance TV Interviews: Fadi J. Khoury
July 27, 2015

Fadi J. Khoury, who serves as FJK Dance Company's Artistic Director, choreographer and principal dancer, connects Argentinean tango, Middle Eastern movement, classical ballet and ballroom dance in an innovative contemporary dance setting.
BWW Dance TV Interviews: Tony WaagBWW Dance TV Interviews: Tony Waag
July 13, 2015

Tony Waag (Producer/Artistic/Executive Director/Teacher) founded the American Tap Dance Foundation (formerly known as the American Tap Dance Orchestra) in 1986, along with Brenda Bufalino and the late Charles 'Honi' Coles. From 1989-1995, he co-created and operated, with Ms. Bufalino, Woodpeckers Tap Dance Center which became a model for numerous tap organizations and tap studios worldwide creating, producing, and presenting various educational programs for adults and children year-round, as well as annual winter tap intensives with master classes, courses and workshops taught by leading International artists and master tap dancers.