2015 DUMBO DANCE FESTIVAL to Kick Off on October 8

2015 DUMBO DANCE FESTIVAL to Kick Off on October 8On Thursday, October 8, 2015, WHITE WAVE Dance celebrates the 15th Anniversary season of the DUMBO Dance Festival (DDF) with a Gala Opening that heralds the most anticipated four-day festival of contemporary dance in New York. Committed to the future expressions of dance, WHITE WAVE scours the world seeking the most risk-taking emerging and renowned dance makers of our time and brings them to Brooklyn for one weekend.

For the first time in its history, the DUMBO Dance Festival will be presented in association with Gelsey Kirkland Arts Center. The festival will take place in the new state-of-the-art, 300-seat theater newly named Gelsey Kirkland Arts Center (formerly St. Ann's Warehouse).

"I am very proud to present the DUMBO Dance Festival in this fifteen-anniversary year at the Gelsey Kirkland Arts Center. I have been overwhelmed by the warm reception offered by co-artistic Directors Michael Chernov and Gelsey Kirkland in support of WHITE WAVE's mission to present opportunities for the innovative New York dance makers who contribute to our vibrant culture," said Ms Young Soon Kim, Artistic Director WHITE WAVE Dance.

"While New York is one of the world's leading centers of dance, our city suffers from a lack of dance space. With the support of the Gelsey Kirkland Arts Center WHITE WAVE seeks to address this urgent predicament."The Gala features performances by the two host companies, WHITE WAVE's Young Soon Kim Dance Com-pany and Gelsey Kirkland Ballet. These two special performances will be joined by the New York premieres of works by JÁNOS FELEDI/FELEDI PROJECT (Hungary) and Oniin Dance (Italy), as well as Buglisi Dance Theatre, James Hansen, Assemblage Dance, and Maxine Steinman (New York) and Annielille Gavino-Kollman (Virginia).

With all performances free of charge, the 15th DUMBO Dance Festival features 75 contemporary dance troupes combining over 300 hundred artists who will present solo, chamber and full scale works. Dancers from across the United States, Canada, Hungary and Italy will join in with New York's active dance community to offer a snapshot of the new directions in dance in the 21st century.

In this anniversary year, the roster of companies includes: TwiN dolls, Caitlin+Dutton, Winnie Berger/Mook Dance Project, Julieta Valero/Rastro, Kelly Ferris Lester, URSULA VERDUZCO/BBBALLET, BAXco, Tina Croll + Company, Lindsay Head, William Ervin, Ashley Robicheaux & Artists, Thomas/Ortiz Dance, Jackie O'Toole & Dancers, Azul Dance Theatre/ Yuki Hasegawa, BOINK! Dance & Film, Amos Pinhasi, Kyle Marshall Choreography, Sun ae Hwang/SUNPROJECT, Sonali Skandan & Jiva Dance, Tomomi Imai, Alchemy Dance Company, Yuka Kawazu/Danse En L'Air, JÁNOS FELEDI / FELEDI PROJECT, Artis Smith and Dancers, David J. Popalisky, James Hansen/Assemblage Dance, AMS Project, XAOC Contemporary Ballet/Eryn Renee Young, Satomi Itohara/ Sance, Peggy Choy Dance, Jesse Phillips-Fein, Shauna Sorensen and Dancers, Annielille Gavino-Kollman, Jeanette Stoner, Monica Hogan Danceworks, Monkeyhouse, Vanessa Long/Vanessa Long Dance Company, Shawn T Bible/stbdance, Aaron Atkins/Ballet Inc., Tara Lynch, Kathleen Helm and Dancers, Monteleone Dance Collective, Jazz Roots Dance Company, Savannah Heineken, Ciao Bella Arts, Chris Choreography, Heather Roffe, Keith Johnson/Dancers, De Funes Dance, Nadine Bommer Dance Company, Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet, Maxine Steinman, Company SBB, CORE Concert Dance Company, Siobhan Lawless, Texture Contemporary Ballet, Elisabetta Minutoli/Vivo Ballet, Alenka Cizmesija, TSAI HSI HUNG, Elizabeth Shea Dance, Birds of a Feather: Aerial Duo, Ju Hwan Hwang, Joori Jung/ARTLAB J DANCE, Emily Bufferd, Oniin Dance Company, Buglisi Dance Theatre, WHITE WAVE Young Soon Kim Dance Company, and more.