LA Comedian Randy Liedtke Gets Pulled Over for Baked iPhone Cookies to Fool Cops

Los Angeles comedian, Randy Liedtke, baked iPhone cookies and tweeted about them until a cop pulled him over. The joke was on him, however, when the angry officer took him into custody for unpaid parking tickets.

He tweeted, 'Wasn't worth it. I'm an idiot,' he tweeted Wednesday night. 'No more iPhone Cookies.' He posted a photo of himself holding up a ticket and looking very sorry for what he did.

On Tumblr, he said, 'Baked some iPhone cookies to trick cops into pulling me over. 'Then I just take a bite and ask if cookies are against the law.'

'Just saw a police car going the other way. Gonna turn around and see if I can catch up and drive by it. #iphonecookie,' he wrote.

'Took a bite out of the cookie. He was so confused and angry. Told me to hold tight, he is back in his car now,' he tweeted.

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