Jet City Improv to Open 'Worst Trip Ever IN ALL CAPS!!1!' March 6

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Jet City Improv to Open 'Worst Trip Ever IN ALL CAPS!!1!' March 6

For a limited March engagement, Jet City Improv is proud to present Worst Trip Ever IN ALL CAPS!!1!, the improvised stories behind the worst online reviews of the world's greatest places.

At every performance of this improvised comedy, audience members will be asked to locate some of the most beautiful and best-reviewed locations on travel website and then track down the lone one-star review posted to an otherwise beloved attraction. From there, improvisers will recreate (with many creative liberties) the people, circumstances, and series of events that lead to the reviewer taking out their frustrations through a suspiciously negative review.

"Who gives a place like the Empire State Building one star? What is that person's motivation?" asks creator and director John Boyle. "Do they think they are protecting someone? No one will ever say, 'We were going to see the Empire State Building, a triumph of modern American industrial power and a reflection of optimism during the darkest days of the Great Depression but BigMacDude679 gave it one star so we skipped it.' So what was really going on there? That reviewer, and what really happened on their trip, is the story we want to tell."

The cast features some of Seattle's best improvisers and actors: Phill Arensberg (JCI's Blak Cloud), Molly Arkin (JCI's Upside Downton), Jeremy Brown (JCI's Men of Action), Jen Rizor (JCI's Men of Action), Kris Corbitt (JCI's Election Show), Joel Dale (JCI's Quiz Show), Mike Murphy (JCI's Uncle Mike Ruins Christmas), Mandy Price (JCI's Upside Downton), and Jed Thompson (JCI's Clues).

The production runs Thursday and Friday nights from March 6 through March 21 with a special Opening Night Gala on March 6 featuring a Q & A with the actors followed by complimentary cake and champagne. Tickets are $15 for general admission, $12 (with ID) for students, seniors, and military personnel and TPS members.

About Jet City Improv: Jet City Improv is dedicated to enlightening, educating and entertaining audiences of all ages by producing theatrical events that explore theater through its improvisational roots. Their goal is to bring the art of improvisation into the mainstream thought of everyday culture. Jet City Improv performs six shows every weekend at their bright yellow theater in the University District of Seattle Washington. Over the course of any given month, these shows may include feature length shows (unscripted plays), their flagship Jet City Improv show, midnight shows, and their popular improvised re-dubbed film events known as Twisted Flicks. All Jet City Improv performances are produced by Wing-It Productions, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Back (L to R): Kris Corbitt, Jed Thompson, Joel Dale, Jen Rizor, Mike Murphy, Jeremy Brown; Front (L to R): Molly Arkin, Mandy Price, Phill Arensberg. Photo by Jon Axell.

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