ImprovBoston Launches 'Lessons of Improv'

ImprovBoston Launches 'Lessons of Improv'

ImprovBoston's newest youth outreach program, Lessons of Improv, brings learning to life, empowering students with essential real-world skills. Experienced youth improvisation instructors visit local schools and host interactive workshops exploring four critical components of the formative learning process: Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Communication ("The 4 Cs"). This innovative, engaging and hands-on program challenges students to apply process-based fundamentals to their lives both in and outside the classroom. The philosophy at the heart of improvisation not only provides tools for educational success but makes for a laugh-filled, joyously positive learning environment.

Lessons of Improv supports the learning cycle by providing comprehensive in-school workshops developed by program creator and veteran educator Deana Criess. Criess, a mother of two and improviser herself, shares, "Helping teachers connect their students to the curricula is one of the most rewarding aspects of the program. We watch the students come alive and start to think in new ways right in front of our eyes. The room is filled with energy. These kids and teachers are not only having a blast--laughing, coming up on stage, being totally goofy together--they're also learning valuable life skills to apply inside the classroom. And beyond."

According to Criess, students flourish when in touch with their creativity, when they see value in their own ideas and find inspiration in the contributions of their peers. The innovative ImprovBoston program helps students discover real collaboration through actively listening to and honoring the ideas of their partners. Through the 4 C's, students critically analyze tasks and view them in complex layers while developing new ways of applying concepts. Finally, the highly interactive workshops foster students' communication to peers and teachers. For great ideas to flourish, they must be communicated with clarity and confidence.

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