COHEN AND CAMERON Podcast Puts Twist on Receiving Angry Voicemails

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Edward Sturm, Jason Derulo, Brett Cohen

'Cohen and Cameron', a comedic podcast hosted by Brett Cohen and Brad Cameron, recently put a new spin on the frustration that comes along wtih recieving an angry voicemail; they made a song out of it.

Recently, co-host Brett Cohen received an irritated voicemail message from his friend Edward Sturm, who happens to be a frequent guest caller on the podcast. Edward felt he was receiving too much airtime on the show, and angrily expressed that he simply wanted to be a quick guest caller. Upon receving this message, Cohen decided to create a song out of the voicemail he received, which is available to listen to HERE. The track is Cohen's first sole production, and features actual vocal samples from Edward's message.

Though Sturm is a long-time friend of his, Cohen stated, "In recent months, his attitude has taken a turn. He has become very hostile, so I decided to take this voicemail and make it into an inspirational song about a man who felt the need to define his role in the world (or on the show.)". Not a bad way to handle an angry voicemail!

The 'Cohen and Cameron' podcast recently featured numerous guests such as Cronut founder Dominique Ansel, Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham, and author VS Marlowe. The show is available for streaming via

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