NCPA Announces Their Programmes for January 2010

January 5
10:11 2010
NCPA Announces Their Programmes for January 2010

Nariman Point NCPA Marg & Dorabji Tata Road

MUMBAI 400 021.


New Year Fiesta!

Western Music Concert by B. P. Salon Orchestra

Tata Theatre

Friday, 1st - 6.30 pm

In collaboration with the B. P. Charitable Trust.

The B. P. Salon Orchestra, conducted by Parvez Doctor and led by Dharmendra Jawda with guest artists and soloists, presents a concert of semi-classical, light and seasonal music. The B. P. Salon Orchestra performs regularly in Mumbai and often in other cities and has over the past five decades provided a platform for new, young and local talent to showcase their abilities on the stage.

The programme will include lilting waltzes by Strauss and Waldteufel, selections from movies and musicals, seasonal medleys of carols, vocal and instrumental solos, marches, tangos and sing-along items to welcome the New Year.
Tickets: Rs.160, 100 & 60/-

Box Office: December 26 for Members and December 29 for the Public.

Kshitij: New Perspectives

Entertainment with a Purpose

Annual Film Festival for Youth

In collaboration with WorldKids Foundation.

WorldKids Foundation aims to promote the concept of ‘entertainment with a purpose'. Using various media, it aims to make entertainment a learning resource for the kids of today. The idea vision is to expose Indian children to world cultures and traditions as well as encourage critical thinking among them on various social and environmental issues. Veteran television producer Manju Singh is the creative and operational mind behind WorldKids Foundation. Having witnessed the growth of television from its infancy to its current remote-button status, she brings a sensibility shaped by over thirty years of experience to the curating of this festival.
Heinähattu ja Vilttitossu

(Hayflower and Quiltshoe)

Film with English Subtitles (72 mins - 2002 - Finland)

Dance Theatre Godrej

Saturday, 2nd - 11.00 am

Winner of the Children's Jury Award for Live Action feature film at the Chicago Children's Film Festival, 2003, this is the story of Hayflower and Quiltshoe, best friends whose lives are about to change. In a week, Hayflower will start school. How will her not very efficient mother cope without her little helper? Her father, a scientist, is only interested in studying the potato. To get her parents to notice her problem, Hayflower decides to change...

Based on the original books for children by Sinikka Nopola and Tiina Nopola.

Written by Kaisa Rastima and Marko Rauhala.

Directed by Kaisa Rastimo

Cast: Katriina Tavi, Tilda Kiianlehto and others


A limited number of admission passes can be collected by Members from the Box Office from December 26.


One-Man Show in English (70 mins.)

Experimental Theatre

Saturday, 2nd - 7.00 pm & Sunday, 3rd - 6.30 pm

Based on the writings of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi, this play celebrates life, with all its joys, sorrows and ironies. It has won acclaim at several interNational Theatre festivals, such as Edinburgh, Dublin, Prague and Lahore.


Conceived, directed & enacted by Salim Ghouse

The Phoenix Players Production.

Tickets: Rs.135/- (for Members)

Rs.150/- (for the Public)

Box Office: December 26 for Members and December 29 for the Public.
Kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai

Hindi Play (100 mins.)

Tata Theatre

Sunday, 3rd - 6.30 pm

A few selected incidents from Anupam Kher's life have been strung together as a journey of a man, who shares his pain, joy, tears and laughter, with honesty and rare candour.

Written by Feroz Abbas Khan & Ashok Patole.

Directed by Feroz Abbas Khan.

Performed by Anupam Kher.

A Platform Production.
Tickets: Rs.375, 300, 240, 180 & 150/- (for Members).

Rs.500, 400, 320, 240 & 200/- (for the Public).

Box Office: December 26 for Members and December 29 for the Public.

Varsha Thakkar

Exhibition of E-Paintings

Piramal Art Gallery

Sunday, 3rd to Saturday, 9th - 12.00 noon to 8.00 pm

With no formal training in it, Varsha Thakkar developed an interest in graphic art when she was part of an editorial team, in charge of bringing out an in-house publication. She began to create E-paintings on the computer and printed them on canvas, glass or paper. It called for a combination of artistic and computer skills. A graduate from Khalsa College, Mumbai, Varsha's work is a blend of the traditional and futuristic, exploring technology's applications from an artist's point of view.

Please note that the Gallery timings have changed from 1st January, 2010 - 12 noon to 8 pm instead of 11am to 7pm
Beyond Borders: Global Music Fusion

L. Subramaniam (Violin)

Corky Siegel (Harmonica)

Ernie Watts (Saxophone)

Kavita Krishnamurti (Vocal)

Fusion Music Concert

Jamshed Bhabha Theatre

Thursday, 7th - 7.00 pm

In association with Lakshminarayana Global Music Festival.

The Lakshminarayana Global Music Festival is named after violin maestro L. Subramaniam's late father and guru. Over the years, it has featured some all-time greats, including Yehudi Menuhin, M.S. Subbulakshmi, Bismillah Khan, Al Jarreau and others. Now, L. Subramaniam teams up with blues harmonica player Corky Siegel , legendary jazz saxophonist Ernie Watts, and his own accomplished family members - wife, Bollywood playback singer, Kavita Krishnamurti Subramaniam, daughter, Bindu and son, Ambi, a violinist in his own right.

L. Subramaniam, with his roots in Carnatic music, is a pioneer of Indo-Jazz fusion and the creator of the concept of Global Fusion. Some of his most historic collaborations have been with Yehudi Menuhin, Stephane Grappelli, Jean-Pierre Rampal, Ruggiero Ricci, Herbie Hancock, among others, in addition to working with orchestras like the New York Philharmonic, the London Philharmonic, the Marinsky Orchestra and the Berlin Opera. With over 200 recordings to his name, L. Subramaniam's fusion pieces, `Conversations' and `Flight of the Humble Bee', and orchestral compositions, like ‘Fantasy on Vedic Chants', have become milestones.

Corky Siegel has earned an international reputation as one of the world's great blues harmonica masters. He is a composer, blues pianist, and singer/ songwriter. His partnership in the renowned Siegel-Schwall Band, his Chamber Blues band, his performances as soloist with orchestras and ballets worldwide, and his collaborations in bringing a ground-breaking blues-classical sound to national attention, offer a glimpse of his talents.
Ernie Watts is an American jazz and rhythm and blues musician. He plays the saxophone (tenor, alto and soprano) and flute. He might be best known for his work with Charlie Haden's ‘Quartet West' and his Grammy Awards as an instrumentalist.

Although primarily a playback singer, Kavita has sung with orchestras as a soloist, collaborated with Western artists of all backgrounds and sung ghazals and devotionals, Indi-Pop and classical jugalbandi.
Tickets: Rs.1,200, 800 & 500/-.

Box Office open now.

NCPA Anubhuti

(8th to 31st January)

NCPA Anubhuti, our three-week multi-arts festival is back this January with over 20 scintillating and exquisite performances. Starting with our weekend festival, NCPA Srushti: A Creative Confluence, on 8th January, the festival will conclude with NCPA Natya Rang - The Art of Theatre on 31st January. Here's the line-up:
Tala Vadya Samvad Anubhuti - Srushti

Zakir Hussain (Tabla)

Karaikudi Mani (Mridangam)

An Ensemble of North and South Indian Percussions

Tata Theatre

Friday, 8th - 6.30 pm

In association with Ketan Brothers Diamondz Exports in the service of the arts.
Hindustani or the North Indian music and Karnatak or the South Indian music, are two equally vibrant streams of Indian art music, which are essentially governed by the fundamental precepts of raga and tala.
Tala Vadya Samvad provides a special meeting point for the percussions of both traditions. The world-renowned tabla maestro Zakir Hussain and the eminent mridangam vidwan Karaikudi Mani, representing the North and South Indian traditions respectively, will engage for the first time ever in a rhythmic dialogue during the inaugural event of the NCPA's annual multi-arts festival. The ensemble will also include Suresh on the ghatam and Amrith on the kanjira.

Tickets: Rs.1,000, 750, 500 & 300/-

Box Office: December 26 for Members and December 29 for the Public.
Footnotes of Life

Hashiye ... Zindagi Ke ...

Hindi Play (120 mins.)

Experimental Theatre

Fri. 8th & Sat. 9th - 7.00 pm


This play is based on the randomness with which relationships occur, whether with a known person or through a chance encounter with a stranger, and the many feelings that often lie unexpressed by those involved. Here are scenes from a marriage, and also, a meeting between two young men from totally different backgrounds which leads to an unbreakable bond. Emotional touches abound in this series of different stories of 20-24 minutes' duration each.
Written and directed by Nadira Zaheer Babbar.

Cast: Utkarsh Mazumdar, Vibha Chhibber, Aarya Babbar, Yudhvir Dahiya, Mithilesh Maihar, Ridhima Pandit, Farrukh Seyer and others.

An Ekjute Production.
Tickets: Rs.135/- (for Members).

Rs.150/- (for the Public).

Box Office: December 26 for Members and December 29 for the Public.

Atthanniyaan...of Mumbai Mahanagar Anubhuti - Srushti

A Collage of Poems and Stories in Hindi

Tata Theatre

Saturday, 9th - 6.30 pm

Some of Gulzar's wonderful poems and stories on Mumbai are contained in Atthanniyaan. The noted poet-lyricist, film director and playwright paints myriad characters that reveal his concern for the precarious life of the underdog in an urban scenario. With his trademark humour and poetic brevity, this is one great raconteur at work.

The third in the series for the stage by Gulzar, after Kharaashein and Lakeerein, Atthanniyaan is the outcome of a workshop Salim Arif did with newcomers on the theme of Mumbai and life of people living on The Edge in this magical metropolis.

Baas, about a slum dweller, feeling caged in a one-room tenement, offers a rare insight into urban rehabilitation issues. It is a scathing satire of the lives of people who work as domestic helps.

Jhhadi is about another slum dweller caught in a competition with rains in monsoon, keeping pace with incessant rain is his bout of drinking, leading to a catastrophic finale.

Atthanni is the story of a classic underdog who futilely tries to make good in the city where crime and politics are allied.

Gulzar's poems about life on Mumbai's footpaths are used as preludes, some set to music by Aamod Bhatt. Photographs, based on the poems, taken by students of the National Institute of Fashion Technology, are on view alongside.
We are grateful to Vishal Bhardwaj for his very kind permission to use his composition of the song Atthanni si Zindagi in the play.
Poems and Stories by Gulzar

Produced by Lubna Salim

Conceived, designed & directed by Salim Arif

Artistes: Yashpal Sharma, Lubna Salim, Amit Jairath, Anand Alkunte and others.

An Essay Communications Presentation.

Tickets: Rs.240, 180, 150, 120 & 90/- (for Members)

Rs.320, 240, 200, 160 & 120/- (for the Public)

Box Office: December 26 for Members and December 29 for the Public.

Prabhat: Morning Melodies Anubhuti - Srushti

Hindustani Vocal Recital by Malini Rajurkar

Experimental Theatre

Sunday, 10th - 10.00 am

The relationship of raga with diurnal as well as seasonal time-cycles is an interesting feature unique to Indian music. It is believed that a raga is more effective when performed at the designated time of the day/night.
This rare concert will feature ragas assigned to the morning.
Malini Rajurkar's style reveals the depth and grandeur of the Gwalior gharana. A disciple of Govindrao Rajurkar, who in turn was a disciple of Rajabhaiya Poochwale, her versatility can be seen in her vast repertoire of intricately composed bandishes in khayal, thumri, tappa and tarana.

Arawind Thatte - Harmonium

Bharat Kamat - Tabla

Tickets: Rs.300 & 200/-

Box Office: December 26 for Members and December 29 for the Public.

Roopantar - Adapting Theatre for Cinema Anubhuti - Srushti

Shakespeare: The Local Perceptions

Film Workshop by Amrit Gangar

Little Theatre

Sunday, 10th - 10.30 am to 5.30 pm

Roopantar -- adapting theatre for cinema -- has been the chosen theme for film workshops organised at the NCPA this year. Shakespeare's famed tragedy, Macbeth, has inspired many filmmakers. The works of two critically acclaimed directors, Akira Kurosawa's Throne of Blood and Vishal Bhardwaj's Maqbool, despite being cultures and periods apart, bear comparison. Throne of Blood (1957), which bases the plot in feudal Japan but uses no part of the original script, is considered the best adaptation. Maqbool (2004) set in the criminal heartland of modern Mumbai, is innovative in its treatment of a tragic and timeless tale.

Amrit Gangar, will explore the relationship between theatre and cinema by focusing on how the transition from stage to film is effected through these Shakespearean adaptations.

Amrit Gangar is a Mumbai-based author, curator and short filmmaker. He has curated several retrospectives for the Mumbai International Film Festival for Documentary, Short & Animation Films and served on numerous national and international festival juries.

Registration Fees: Rs.150/- for students against valid college ID card; Rs.250/- for others.

To register, please contact on Tel. Nos. 6622 3749 / 6622 3802

A limited number of seats will be available by registration on a first-come-first-served basis.

Uncharted Seas Anubhuti - Srushti

Kathak Recital by Aditi Mangaldas and the Aditi Mangaldas Dance Company

Jamshed Bhabha Theatre

Sunday, 10th - 6.30 pm

Uncharted Seas is a highly-acclaimed dance production by one of the country's leading Kathak dancers and dynamic choreographers, Aditi Mangaldas. Exploring the theme of ‘quest' with all its varied resonances, the production draws inspiration from J Krishnamurti's statement: ‘We look for fixed points, but there are none, either in ourselves or outside in the universe. To live without these fixed points is our challenge.'
In Mangaldas' words: ‘Standing alone, looking out at the distant stars, have we not wondered what is it all about? What lies beyond the realms of the known? What lies beyond what our mind can perceive? What lies hidden in the deep recesses of our heart? Is this search external, on paths that have been laid down through centuries? Is the search internal, again through paths that are known, tried and tested? Is this search still, without any movement? ... The search for the intangible, whether we call it God, truth, beauty, love or freedom, is the essence of Uncharted Seas. Though I have separated the pieces, it is actually the entire production viewed in its entirety that tries to capture the essence of ‘search'. So each piece may or may not refer to all our queries. Some attempt to transform poetry into images or emotions. Others use abstractions of movement, light, space, rhythm, ambience to evoke images asking the same questions.'

Aditi Mangaldas is a Kathak dancer who works with the traditional repertoire of Kathak and infuses it with her own distinctively modern sensibility. Trained by legendary teachers Kumudini Lakhia and Birju Maharaj, she is regarded as one of the leading dancers in both the traditional and contemporary idiom and has performed in major cities of the world to critical acclaim. She is a solo performer of international repute as well as a choreographer of several group productions that are both classical and experimental in nature. She is the Artistic Director and principal dancer of the Drishtikon Dance Foundation.

Concept and choreography: Aditi Mangaldas

Vocal Compositions: Shubha Mudgal and Aneesh Pradhan

Light Design and Execution: Narayan Chauhan

Dancers: Aditi Mangaldas, Gauri Diwakar, Rashmi Uppal, Anindita Acharjee, Dheerendra Tiwari, Rachana Yadav and Piyush Chauhan

Musicians: Yogesh Gangani (Tabla), Mahaveer Gangani (Pakhawaj), Samiullah Khan (Harmonium and Sarangi)

Production: Aditi Mangaldas Dance Company - The Drishtikon Dance Foundation


Tickets: Rs 300, 200 & 100/-

Box Office: December 26 for Members and December 29 for the Public.
Yumraj Ji, Kuchh Kariye!!

Hindi Play (90 mins)

Experimental Theatre

Sunday, 10th - 7.00 pm

This play is a stylised one, based on the Natyadharmi and Lokdharmi Shaili, both ancient classical art forms, illustrating the various rasas and bhavas (moods and feelings) mentioned in the Natyashastra, the extant Indian tome on Indian aesthetics.

This play is about the humorous interaction between a no-nonsense guru and his fun loving student, Shandilya. The comic element (hasya ras) in the play revolves around the arrival of the dazzling Ganika, a courtesan. When Yumdoot, messenger from Yumraaj, the God of Death, arrives, he snatches away the wrong soul. Some chaotic soul-swapping follows; songs and dances, integral to this style, add to the visual experience.
Written by Bodhayan

Directed by Nadira Zaheer Babbar

Cast: Hanif Patni, Ankur Parekh, Kamna Ranawat, Ishrat Khan, Vijay Singh, Mithilesh Maihar, Ghafeer Husain, Raj Yadav and others


An Ekjute Production.

Tickets: Rs.180/- (for Members)

Rs.200/- (for the Public)

Box Office: December 26 for Members and December 29 for the Public.
Anando Mukerjee (Tenor)

Camilla Roberts (Soprano)

Steven Maughan (Pianist)

Western Music Concert

Experimental Theatre

Tuesday, 12th & Wednesday, 13th - 7.00 pm

A unique, two-day recital series featuring Tenor Anando Mukerjee who returns to Mumbai after appearing in the 7th season of the SOI. He will be joined by leading Welsh soprano Camilla Roberts, both accompanied by the distinguished pianist Steven Maughan, Head Coach at Glyndebourne Festival Opera and Senior Coach at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. Each singer will present separate wide ranging programmes featuring art-songs in German, French, Italian, Spanish & Russian and operatic arias over two days covering styles, periods and composers as diverse as bel canto and verismo, baroque and post romantic, Gluck and Giordano and will also make guest appearances in each other's recital where they will sing celebrated operatic duets.

Anando Mukerjee was the only Indian amidst a cast of international soloists at the SOI Seventh Season concerts. A natural at breaking barriers, in 1999, the Delhi University graduate moved to the UK, and in a few years, became a pupil of Nicolai Gedda, one of the world's foremost tenors. Anando's operatic roles include, Rodolfo, the Duke of Mantua, Ishmael, Macduff and Faust. He is also an accomplished recitalist and has a large and varied oratorio repertoire. He is the recipient of a Charles Wallace Trust Award, administered by the British Council.
Camilla Roberts, who trained at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama and the National Opera Studio, has had lead roles in Iolanta, Magic Flute, Nabucco and Eugene Onegin. Concert performances include Beethoven's 9th at Barbican Hall, concert with the National Orchestra of Wales at St. David's Hall Cardiff, and others.
Steven Maughan, pianist and repetiteur, is greatly in demand for his wide-ranging knowledge of the operatic and song repertoire, and is a coach and accompanist of international reputation. He has worked regularly at the Glyndebourne Festival Opera since 1996 on a wide variety of repertoire with such eminent conductors as Jurowski, Mackerras, Elder and Belohlavek. Steven was senior coach on `The Rape of Lucretia' at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. He has worked for De Nederlandse Opera, (Amsterdam) and future projects include The Trojans and La Fanciulla del West.
Each singer will present separate wide ranging programmes featuring art-songs in German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian and operatic arias over two days and will also make guest appearances in each other's recital where they will sing celebrated operatic duets.

12th January

Anando Mukerjee accompanied by Steven Maughan

A recital of songs and arias by Tosti, Donaudy, Strauss, Hahn, Duparc, Pietri, Donizetti, Verdi and Massenet.

13th January

Camilla Roberts accompanied by Steven Maughan

A recital of songs and arias by Mozart, Strauss, Bridge and Tchaikovsky.
Daily Tickets: Rs.300 & Rs.200/-

Box Office: December 26 for Members and December 29 for the Public.

Scaramouche Jones Anubhuti

One-man Theatre Presentation (Work-in-Progress - 80 mins)

Little Theatre

Tuesday, 12th - 6.30 pm

This is a CHAURAHA presentation.

The strangely pale-faced child of a gypsy whore, Scaramouche was always fated to be a clown. But from his birth at midnight on new year's eve 1899 in a dingy Trinidad knocking shop, his life is a vivid odyssey through extraordinary adventures, crumbling empires and the darkest episodes of the twentieth century. Tender, moving, funny and deeply poignant, Justin Butcher's fantastic story is an atmospheric and unforgettable meditation on humankind. The work has been described as ‘fascinating, poignant and funny' by The Times, London, while the Irish Independent described it as ‘a piece of such memorable theatre that it reverberates in your memory long after the clown has pulled his funny face.'
Written by Justin Butcher

Directed by Warren D'Souza

Performed by Ali Fazal

An Akvarious Presentation
There will be a discussion after the presentation.

Admission on a first-come-first-served basis.

The Singing Heart

Choral Music Concert by The Chamber Singers

Tata Theatre

Sunday, 13th - 7.00 pm

In collaboration with The Performing Arts Trust, Pune.

This event, supported by The Bank of Maharashtra, is in celebration of the Platinum Jubilee year of The Chamber Singers.

The Chamber Singers from Pune, trained by Veronica Krishnayya over the last 15 years, is a disciplined group of amateurs with an eclectic repertoire. Veronica Krishnayya is a well-known musician, teacher and choral conductor, who studied the piano under Katya Georgieff, and Voice and Choral conducting with Robert Hutcheson.

The Singing Heart is inspired by a movement to create awareness about the tribal musician whose dedication and artistry has kept alive their great folkloric traditions despite the hardships.

The programme will consist of choral works, evoking the spirit of folk music and the ethnic backgrounds of countries, such as Israel, France, England, India, Russia, Hungary and Argentina. Randhir Khare, poet, writer and folklorist, who has lived many years with the tribals, will read from his works.


The main work, the Misa Criolla by Argentine composer, Ariel Ramirez, will have in accompaniment Anand Modak, composer, and musician Vivek Paranjape, demonstrating the affinities between East and West. Bharata Natyam dancer, Alisha Krishnayya, will interpret the work through her dance.


A limited number of admission passes can be collected by Members from the Box Office from December 26.

New Choreography in Bharata Natyam Anubhuti

Bharata Natyam Recital by Rama Vaidyanathan

Experimental Theatre

Thursday, 14th - 6.30 pm

Rama Vaidyanathan is considered one of the leading exponents of her generation of Bharata Natyam dancers. She has received intensive training under the legendary Yamini Krishnamurti and subsequently under Saroja Vaidyanathan. One of the most sought-after dancers today, she has been performing professionally for over twenty years. While deeply rooted in the tradition, she has evolved her own fresh and vigorous individual style. She has presented her art at prestigious festivals across the country, including those organised by the ICCR, the Sangeet Natak Akademi, the Music Academy, Krishna Gana Sabha, among others. She has also toured widely overseas. The many accolades that have come her way include the Best Dancer award from the Music Academy, Chennai, in 1999; the Sanskriti Award in 2003; and the Balasaraswati Award in 2000. She is ranked in the ‘Outstanding' category with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations. While one critic states that she ‘leaves other Bharata Natyam dancers of her generation far behind', another describes her as ‘among the five most notable talents at the close of the century... Her intensity and command stops the viewer dead in his tracks.'

This performance will present her new choreography within the traditional framework of the Bharata Natyam repertoire. It will include Mayur Alarippu (on the theme of the peacock in the tala cycle of five-and-a-half beats); Vrikshanjali (an ode to a tree); Lament to the Birds (a depiction of various birds, based on a 3rd century text); Shivoham (based on the Skanda Purana), among others.

Tickets: Rs.100/- (for Members)

Rs.200/- (for the Public)

Box Office: December 26 for Members and December 29 for the Public.
Some New Scientific Approaches to Music Anubhuti


Experimental Theatre

Friday, 15th - 9.30 am to 5.30 pm


In collaboration with Indian Musicological Society.


This important annual seminar is held every January at the NCPA.

During the last few centuries there has been an explosion of technologies and techniques related to various aspects of music and this has also led to a greater variety of scientific approaches made to the totality of musical behavior.
This Seminar will bring to the fore examples of how researches, theories, experiments in other organizEd Fields of study, disciplines or sciences can be and should be related to musical behavior to enable us to have a better and accommodative understanding of the musical phenomenon.
The major highlight of the Seminar is the presentations by six graduate students working in the field of Indian music.

Interested person are requested to contact Ms. Braganza (Tel. 2284 4420) for further details.

Horizon Series Anubhuti

Anu Narayan (Odissi)

Mohsin Ahmed Khan Niazi (Vocal)

Dance and Music Recital

Little Theatre

Friday, 15th - 6.30 pm

In collaboration with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations.
Anu Narayan is an accomplished exponent of Odissi who has been under the tutelage of Debi Basu for over ten years. A graded artiste of Doordarshan, Mumbai, and an empanelled artiste with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), Anu has performed at prestigious festivals in India and presented several lecture demonstrations. She is also a seasoned Bharata Natyam dancer, currently training under Jayashree Nair. She has performed solo and been in many group performances too. She currently teaches Bharata Natyam and Odissi.

Mohsin Ahmed Khan Niazi is a distinguished scion of the Agra gharana. Groomed for many years by grandfather, Khadim Husain Khansaheb, doyen of the gharana, Mohsin is gifted with a sonorous voice that lends itself well to the aesthetics of the gayaki. He has performed at several venues of renown, including, Saptak, Ahmedabad and Nagpur, the Indian Music Group, Mumbai, Swami Haridas Sangeet Sammelan, the Alladiya Khan Festival, Mumbai and others. He is a regular performer on All India Radio and currently trains young initiates to the Agra gayaki, exposing them to its various nuances.



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