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American Symphony Season Opener to Recapture 1913 New York Armory Show, 10/3

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American Symphony Season Opener to Recapture 1913 New York Armory Show, 10/3

The American Symphony Orchestra's upcoming season, full of discoveries and revolution begins with New York Avant-Garde on October 3, 2013. In partnership with the New-York Historical Society's new exhibition and catalog, the ASO recreates the fall-out in music of the famous New York Armory visual arts show of a century ago, in 1913.

That show rocked the New York music scene as it did the visual arts, but its full impact wasn't heard in American music until the early 1920s, and it is that period, which spawned the first pioneers of the country's own musical modernism, that the ASO will bring back to Carnegie Hall.

"The 1913 Armory show," says the ASO's music director Leon Botstein, "was a seminal moment in the history of American art and culture, which led to the sudden embrace of European modernism...people walked out and wrote diatribes and that happened around the music of the 1920's." Whether there will be similar riots at the ASO concert when audiences are again confronted with the shock factor of a composer George Antheil (the self-proclaimed "bad boy of music" whose music had literally caused a riot in Paris), early modernist Aaron Copland, German-trained Charles Griffes, Edgard Varèse and the highly individual Carl Ruggles remains to be seen. "It is unlikely that these composers will be quite as controversial today, but if we can recapture even a fraction of the impact, the excitement, the sheer aliveness that music had for audiences nearly a century ago we'll be serving them well," says Botstein.

Works include George Antheil - A Jazz Symphony, Charles Griffes - Poem, Carl Ruggles -Men and Mountains, Aaron Copland - Symphony for Organ and Orchestra and Edgard Varèse - Amériques (1922 version).

Other events happening in the 2013-2014 Season:

Elliott Carter: An American Original
November 17, 2013 at 8pm (Stern Auditorium, Perelman Stage) Conductor: Leon Botstein

A year after Elliott Carter's death, the ASO concert will feature six orchestral works - the Clarinet Concerto, Sound Fields, Warble for Lilac-Time, Voyage, Concerto for Orchestra andPocahontas. The soloist for the Clarinet Concerto will be Anthony McGill. Mary MacKenziewill be the soprano for Warble for Lilac Time, Teresa Buchholz the mezzo in Voyage. Members of Carter's family will be in attendance for the tribute.

Richard Strauss: Feuersnot
December 15, 2013 at 2pm (Stern Auditorium, Perelman Stage) Conductor: Leon Botstein

Subtitled "Strauss: Self-Portrait of the Artist," this opera matinee is an extremely rare chance to see Strauss's controversial one-acter Feuersnot ("In Need of Fire"). With an element of autobiography, Strauss revealed some perhaps rather disturbing things about himself with this tale of a sorcerer who deprives a town of its ability to light fire (seen as Strauss taking allegorical revenge on his critics) until they let him take the virginity of the mayor's daughter. The casting is as follows: Schweiker von Gundelfingen - Clay Hilley, tenor, Ortolf Sentlinger - Jeffrey Tucker, bass, Diemut - Jacquelyn Wagner, soprano, Elsbeth - Brenda Patterson, mezzo-soprano, Wigelis - Cynthia Hanna, mezzo-soprano, Margret - Micaëla Oeste, soprano, Kunrad - AlFRed Walker, bass-baritone, Jörg Pöschel - Branch Fields, bass, Kunz Gilgenstock - Ron Loyd, baritone, The Collegiate Chorale Singers, Manhattan Girls Chorus.

This England
January 31, 2014 at 8pm (Stern Auditorium, Perelman Stage) Conductor: Leon Botstein

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