Zondervan to Release 'Faith Commander' with Duck Commander's Robertson family

Zondervan to Release 'Faith Commander' with Duck Commander's Robertson family

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Feb. 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ America's favorite reality show family continues to use their fame for God's glory. The Robertsons, from the hit series "Duck Dynasty," are expanding their outreach into churches across America with "Faith Commander: Living Five Values from the Parables of Jesus." In this new church-wide curriculum published by Zondervan Korie Robertson along with her mother, Chrys Howard, created a five-week experience for all ages.

"Faith Commander," releasing in May of this year, focuses on five themes found in the parables of Jesus: faith, forgiveness, obedience, prayer, and kindness. This new tool creates a church-wide experience, for children to adult ministries, where an entire congregation can walk through this curriculum simultaneously.

Korie Robertson, wife of Duck Commander's CEO Willie Robertson, said, "With the 'Faith Commander' curriculum, we took some commonly found themes that the show 'Duck Dynasty' actually teaches. We use these, not in a preaching sort of way, but really the kind of way that shows how we live our lives and the way our family works. This faith is behind who we are as a family and what keeps us together and strong."

"We chose the parables of Jesus because sometimes they are not always studied like they should be," said Chrys Howard. "God put those in the Bible for us to learn from. Willie, Phil, Alan, and well, all the guys are great storytellers. In 'Faith Commander,' they explain the parables as stories to bring people closer to God. We really believe that this is going to benefit the entire church family kids, adults, and teens. It's something families can all study together just like they watch the TV show together."

Adult and teen resources for "Faith Commander" each includes a book and DVD with accompanying Robertson-family stories the adult curriculum features Phil, Alan, Willie, Jase, Jep, and Si; the teen curriculum hosts John Luke, Sadie, Will, Reed, and Cole Robertson. The five-week children's curriculum is only available on a DVD-ROM, and also includes "Willie's Redneck Rodeo," a five-day bonus Vacation Bible School program. In addition, "Faith Commander" provides pastors with free sermons and other promotional resources.

"The Robertsons' authentic faith and love for Jesus was evident throughout our time working with them," said John Raymond, vp and publisher for Trade Curriculum at HarperCollins Christian Publishing. "We had the privilege of visiting the Robertson family in West Monroe, Louisiana while filming 'Faith Commander;' their entertaining and inspirational storytelling brings the curriculum's five key themes to life."

"There are some things that the Bible tells us are God's guidelines," continued Korie Robertson. "He gives us examples throughout the Bible so that we may live a better life and those are the lessons that we have tried to cover in 'Faith Commander.' We hope that people will bring these lessons into their own family through this curriculum."