'Wade the Whale' is Released

'Wade the Whale' is Released


Pollution is dangerous and it is immensely affecting the sea where a lot of animals cannot find food anymore. Subsequently, humans will not find food as well, in addition to the polluted water where neither human and sea animals can swim in. "Wade the Whale" by Mohammad Awad follows Wade the whale and Danny the dolphin and their adventures in saving the marine animals from water pollution. This book projects the importance of all micro and macro creatures at sea in the food chain and how pollution can affect human food security.

The importance of the marine animals and their elimination or heavy decline would mean no food for higher levels and causes massive mortalities. This volume highlights pollution by showing the most common sources of it (garbage on beaches and oil pollution) with recommendations on what should be done in both cases and how these affect the marine food chain.

The food chain explains how fish larvae depend on zooplankton to survive and grow and how zooplanktons in turn depend on phytoplankton for the same reasons. In addition, the story shows how the largest animal on Earth (the Blue Whale) depends on a certain zooplankton species (Krills) as a main source of food and how pollution is affecting the life at sea by eliminating the food from the base of the food chain. The story also describes the feeding mechanism of blue and other baleen whales on krills, showing the role of baleen in the mouth of the blue whale in krill capture as well as other baleen whales.

Technical aspects regarding the art and format of this book are also distinctive through mixing both styles of formal illustrations and comics-type art, something rarely seen in this genre. The art makes the readers feel that they are really at sea from the colour scheme plus the more or less realistic-childlike looks of the animals. The content is talking about the food chain and the effects of pollution on food availability for different tropic levels including blue whales that depend on plankton.