Timothy J. Callahan Releases New Book of Poems, POET AGAINST ISRAEL

Timothy J. Callahan Releases New Book of Poems, POET AGAINST ISRAEL

In "Poet Against Israel" (published by AuthorHouse), a new poetry collection, Timothy J. Callahan uses verse to fight injustice in the United States and abroad. Specifically he addresses what he refers to as "the removal of the illegal Israeli settlements on the West Bank so that Palestine can be created there."

Callahan's short, rhyming poems are infused with rhythm, alliteration, irony, pun, satire and metaphor. He speaks to political issues such as justice for the Palestinians, protection of women's reproductive rights, federal law enabling and protecting gay marriage, the inequality between the rich and the working poor and the supremacy of science. Other poems reflect upon the many wonders of nature and the need to save the planet from global warming. Many of the poems start with quotes from other authors.

An excerpt from "Poet Against Israel":

"When God told me he was gay,
I wasn't quite sure what to say:
God, I've had gay friends before,
One of whom I truly adored."

Callahan has used rhyme to make the experience of reading "Poet Against Israel" enjoyable, but the book packs a powerful and deliberate message. "I want readers to feel outrage at the fact that Zionists have control of the United States Congress and of television, especially news programs," he explains, "which prevents the American people from seeing that our country is controlled by Israel, that Israel has long been committing war crimes, and that terrorists kill Americans because America enables Israel.