'The Second Portcullis' is Released

'The Second Portcullis' is Released

In medieval times, to encounter Knights was a breathtaking experience - clad in armor, with colorful accoutrements, astride powerful warhorses, and wielding terrifying weapons. They might prove to be friend or foe. The only certainty was that, having trained since childhood, they were incredibly good at their work. Sworn to live by the Code of Chivalry, their struggle to uphold high ideals could result in great loss, hardship, and even death. A knight soon learned that his most difficult battles were not on the killing ground but in his daily choice of conduct. In The Second Portcullis, author K.L. Butters has created a true knight in the character of Sir Malcolm Drummond who in honor sacrifices his freedom for his lord.

This highly detailed medieval story follows the adventures of Sir Malcolm Drummond, counselor and protector to the young and impulsive Baron Cameron. The two, along with a small entourage of knights and squires, are on a mission of dire importance - to broker a peace between the followers of Earl Braebreich and those at Somerfurd Castle, and their longtime enemies, those led by Earl Tanglewick - known as the Red Bear for his fierceness. The peace would benefit both lands, for the "Great Mortality", the Black Death, has terrorized all of Europe and left neither warband with the numbers to defend against another. Yet the mission is soon put in danger when the young baron is accused of murdering and horribly mutilating a young maiden within the very walls of Tanglewick Castle. Realizing that this would lead to the death of his young lord, Sir Malcolm Drummond nobly takes responsibility for the murder and faces torture and death at the hands of the Red Bear. Now it is a race against time as Drummond must make alliances within the enemy castle and find out the identity of the true killer.

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