THE BODY AS SHADOW by Eleanor Limmer is Released

THE BODY AS SHADOW by Eleanor Limmer is Released

Liberty Lake, WA

Author Eleanor Limmer writes a new book, "The Body as Shadow" (published by Balboa Press), that guides readers looking to shed their dark shadowed egos using a blend of Carl Jung's philosophies on the spiritual nature of the psyche and holistic practices.

"The Body as Shadow" returns to Limmer's discussion of the shadow and ego first approached in her book, "The Shadow Knows." In this follow-up, Limmer correlates the dark shadows of the ego to physical symptoms of illness, illustrating how underlying negative ego patterns can affect the physical body.

Limmer, a holistic counselor, offers alternative remedies to traditional medicine and aims to heal rather than treat. Her book gives advice that may help readers pinpoint their underlying ego patterns and related emotions that cause pain and illness, while learning to let go and forgive in order to live a happier, healthier life.

"We are not the victims of our illnesses," says Limmer, "and we do have the power to heal ourselves by being more aware of and healing the negative ego patterns our shadows hold for us. The shadow is the ally of our true self and good health; it is the enemy of our negative ego and our idealized false selves."