THE 5TH OF JULY Reveals Life in Hawaii Before US Conquest

With his new book, author R. K. Lindsey, Jr. reminds his readers that Hawaii was once a sovereign kingdom before it was taken over by the United States of America. In “The 5th of Julyâ€', he tells a tale of historical fiction, portraying the overthrow of the islandâ€s government through the eyes of several characters whose perspectives will take readers back through time to witness a pivotal moment in Hawaiian history.

Lindsey dares to ask, “Did you know that Hawaii was stolen from Her Majesty Queen Liliâ€uokalani and the Hawaiian people in 1893 by the United States of America?â€' as his narrative depicts the machinations of a cabal of American politicians and businessmen, the ensuing invasion by armed U.S. troops of a sovereign foreign nation, and the ramifications this has on the culture and society of an entire people. These events, which took place during the turn of the 20th century, mirror many of the happenings in the present day, making the stories Lindsey tells with his cast of characters all the more relevant and resonant. One of the lesser fictionalized characters in “The 5th of Julyâ€' is Abigail Hathaway McMoore. Through her tale, the author conveys an important lesson: “for the sake of our children and the children of the world, we should not be bitter toward change but embrace it, be its advocate, not its victim; its champion, not tormentor; its friend, not adversary.â€' As a contemporary Hawaiian, Lindsey subscribes to that philosophy and conveys it in his writing.

For those interested in history as well as a riveting narrative, Lindsey provides ample servings of both in “The 5th of July.â€'. Readers will discover unsung truths about the acquisition of Americaâ€s 50th state, which may shock them or show them parallels between past and present.

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