'Success is an Exaggeration' is Released

'Success is an Exaggeration' is Released

The path to success is considered an arduous one. It is said to be filled with many potholes and traps and only the best ever truly make it, or so they say. In "Success Is an Exaggeration", author Deb Dutta uses his professional and personal experiences as a business executive to show readers that accomplishing success is within one's reach; all one needs is the proper mindset and some tools that are exemplified in the book.

"Success is an Exaggeration" is an innovative, fast paced book that debunks common notions about success. Achieving success is neither a complex nor demanding process nor does it need great ideas and uncompromising effort. Success is often the outcome of brilliant behavior, attitude and approach that everyone demonstrates, often without any training or realization. This book shows that once one becomes aware of these traits and transforms them into sustainable habits, success starts to unfold. This book is a collection of short chapters that nudge the reader to display these flashes of brilliance that can be repeated and help construct fulfilling and rewarding outcomes.

This is a self help, easy reading book that takes a simplified, entertaining path to demystify what it takes to succeed irrespective of who the reader is and what they wish to accomplish in life... as long as they want to do it well.

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