'Stratospheric Success' Unveiled in Frankfurt Book Fair

'Stratospheric Success' Unveiled in Frankfurt Book Fair

From the prolific author of "Managing Multiple Health Problems," "Comprehensive Guide to Asthma," "Master the Secrets of Success," "Opportunities in the TRILLION DOLLAR Wellness Industry," "Understanding Child Obesity & The Essential Role of Parents," and "Make a Fortune in the Wellness Industry" comes a new practical handbook that will guide readers to success. Bestselling author, speaker and success coach Selva Sugunendran publishes Stratospheric Success, a new book that will instantly be showcased in an upcoming International Book Exhibit in Frankfurt, Germany.

Stratospheric Success is the most complete self- development book ever written. Too many books in the past have tried to teach people what to do in order to develop themselves. However, Sugunendran's latest work teaches readers how to think. This book will help them to build a solid foundation that will act as their springboard towards achieving stratospheric success.

"When you attain stratospheric success you will attain the ability to make a real difference and contribution to the business world at large and your family life at heart, profoundly impacting on the lives of all of those around you that you come into contact with," states Sugunendran. "This book will change your life!"

Time is very precious and technology is moving so fast and very often people seem to take the path of trial and error by being ill-prepared for the challenges they will face. This is why many more are failing in business ventures. This book, based on real experiences of successful people and with firmly laid-down steps, will equip readers to follow a proven path to success, if they follow these steps in a truly disciplined manner.

For about two decades, Sugunendran managed four different Information Technology companies with the help of friends who helped him overcome challenges and from whom he learned a lot. Today he feels compelled to pass on what he has learned over this period to others, in the hope that they could go from where they are today to where they want to be in the shortest possible time by mastering first the seven steps as detailed in his book.

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