'Spanish for Love and Dating' Audiobook is Released

It's so easy to fall in love. Or is it?

According to Mark Frobose, founder of Language Audiobooks Inc., the nation's leader in fast and easy to learn digital language programs, love is a multilingual thing.

"Learning how to express your inner romantic self to sexy Spanish speakers requires a little instruction, and that's why I created 'Spanish for Love and Dating,' " says Frobose.

Why did Mark think it necessary to create a digital Spanish program dedicated entirely to love and dating people who speak Spanish?

"English speaking Americans are meeting, dating and marrying Spanish speakers more than ever," explains Frobose, who also created "Mexican Spanish Accelerated". "Many of them don't have the faintest idea of how to say they like someone, much less tell a Spanish speaker they're in love."

Frobose should know all about "amor". He himself married a woman from south of the border, and his marriage has lasted over 23 years.

"We speak English when we discuss business, but we play in Spanish," laughs Frobose, author of the bestselling Power Spanish Accelerated. "It's great fun."

Frobose's advice to people who want to date internationally?

"When you talk to a native Spanish speaker in English, you're talking to their head," he explains. "But when you speak to them in their native Spanish, you're speaking to their heart."

Mark Frobose is the author of the bestselling "Conversational Latin-American Spanish" and has created more bestselling language programs than anyone in the world today. His programs are available on Audible.com as instant digital downloads to any portable device.

Final comments from Mark Frobose?

"A successful language program has to be like a great soulmate," he explains. "In order to be successful, it needs to go everywhere you go."

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