Silevethiel The Vaelinel Trilogy (Book One) is Announced

Silevethiel The Vaelinel Trilogy (Book One) is Announced

Irewen Donríel, Princess of Dargon, survives the murder of her father who was stabbed to death in his own bedchamber. The first person to console the princess is her cousin, Elthad, who warns her, "Until the murderer is discovered and we are able to establish his motives, your life is in danger. It is no longer safe for you to remain in Dürgeld or anywhere else in Dargon. You must leave. Travel north into Mistwood. Seek refuge with the Wood Elves."

Thus begins Irewen's adventures which author Andi O'Connor chronicles in a three-part fantasy book series called "The Vaelinel Trilogy." In Book One, Silevethiel, Princess Irewen finds herself unexpectedly surrounded by formidable enemies who are trying - nearly successfully - to take her life the way they took her father's.

Princess Irewen, fortunately, has been granted the full protection of the elves. Once she is well enough to travel, she will be welcome to stay in Silverden for as long as she needs to be there, and she will likely need the respite for the foreseeable future; whatever is motivating her enemies to commit violence acts against her family, the princess clearly cannot go home again.

During her adventure, Irewen discovers the truth about the mother she never knew, and learns that she may have inherited supernatural gifts from the elves. As she tries to keep ahead of her father's assassins, Irewen learns about friendship, love, loyalty, and generosity from Silevethiel the lion, and Laegon the Protector, who are both willing to give their lives for her.

In the tradition of Lord of the Rings trilogy, O'Connor's deals with such universal themes such as betrayal and fear. She also establishes other themes that involve family secrets and racial prejudice, and she examines a culture of elves where all citizens are equal, their contributions are appreciated, money is beside the point, and magic is commonplace. Moreover, in O'Connor's vision, elves can fall in love with humans and create children with them who combine the best traits of both worlds.

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